Why Do Deliveries Through Oversized Trucking Companies Take so Long?

Delivery items that exceed a certain size or weight are classified as oversized loads. These items need to be carefully transported using the services of an oversized trucking company. However, these deliveries often take longer than one would typically expect.


Oversized deliveries are slow due to a number of reasons.

People that have used the services of oversized trucking companies in the past will tell you that deliveries tend to take a while. These slow delivery times are rarely due to inefficiencies on the part of the trucking company themselves and could be attributed to other hurdles that the delivery organization encounters before and during the delivery process.


Here are some factors that explain why oversized deliveries take so long.


1.      Route planning


Delivering an oversized load is no easy feat. Even with the right vehicle, the delivery process still involves a great deal of planning. Once details around the pick-up and delivery locations have been conveyed to the trucking company, a delivery route for the shipment is charted out.



Why Do Deliveries Through Oversized Trucking Companies Take so Long?


The item’s excessive size and/or weight often make it difficult to transport across many areas. Oversized loads may not fit through tunnels, or the trucks transporting them may not be able to make sharp turns while carrying the load. Oversize trucking companies have to take these factors into account when planning the delivery route for the item.


The route planning process itself may not take very long, but the final route chosen is likely to be longer and feature more detours than the route for a regular-sized load. This is one of the primary reasons why oversized loads take so long to deliver.


2.      Permits


Once the delivery route has been finalized, oversize trucking companies need to obtain oversize/overweight load permits before hitting the road.


If a delivery is expected to cross multiple states on its way to its destination, trucking companies will need to obtain permits from each state the delivery will be passing through.


Many oversized trucking companies have annual permits for transporting oversized loads in various states. However, smaller trucking companies may have to apply for a single trip or multiple trip permits every time they make a delivery.


Companies that attempt to ship oversized loads without permits are subject to large fines. This permit acquisition process may cause shipment delays, but it is unavoidable for companies that are shipping oversized loads.


3.      Hurdles on the road


Despite the best planning efforts of oversized trucking company employees, the delivery may still encounter some hurdles along the way. Road obstacles such as traffic jams, accidents, and diversions can slow down the delivery process significantly.


In addition to this, oversized trucking companies often have to use escort or pilot vehicles when transporting oversized loads. Coordinating multiple vehicles and ensuring right the signs and flags are being displayed on escort/pilot vehicles can cause further delays in the shipping process.


As you can see, the delivery process for oversized items is full of hurdles that can cause shipment delays. However, many of these hurdles are simply precautions that must be taken to ensure that the oversized item makes it to its destination without being damaged.