When Should You Use an Oversized Shipping Service?

Factory components, construction materials, and other large items are frequently delivered across the country via trucks. These items may not be safe to ship on standard trucks, so they will have to be delivered by oversized shipping companies.


Oversized shipping services can transport oversized items safely.


Items that exceed a certain size and/or weight are classified as oversized, and can only be transported by oversized shipping companies with permits. The criteria for classifying an item as oversized varies across the country, but most states classify items as oversized when the combined dimensions of the item and the truck transporting it exceed:


A height of 13’6”

A width of 8’6”

A length of 48’



When Should You Use an Oversized Shipping Service?


Items that are smaller than these dimensions can also be classified as oversized if the item’s weight exceeds 20,000 lbs per axle or 34,000 lbs for a tandem axle.


Items that don’t qualify as oversized


This oversized classification is only applicable if the item can’t be broken down into smaller components. If the item can be separated into smaller and lighter components, they could be transported separately as regular-sized items that are easier to ship.


While most oversized shipping companies offer reliable services, these companies often have to go through many hurdles when transporting oversized items. These include:


1] Planning special routes that can facilitate the passage of oversized items.


2] Obtaining oversized item transportation permits for each state the item will be passing through.


3] Hiring pilot and escort vehicles that feature signs and flashing lights to alert other vehicles and pedestrians.


Due to these difficulties, oversized items often take longer to be delivered than regular items. This is why many businesses choose to break down their items into smaller sizes and use regular delivery methods instead.


However, many important items that can’t be broken down into smaller sizes due to their properties. For example, an oversize construction machine tire or a Christmas tree can’t be separated into smaller components for shipping. As a result, these items will have to go through the same process that other oversized items go through when being shipped.


Advantages of using an oversized shipping company


If your item qualifies as oversized and can’t be broken down into smaller shipments, you will have to use the services of an oversized shipping company. Luckily, many oversized shipping companies are great at handling large loads.


Experience delivering large items


They have staff who are experienced with loading and unloading oversized items safely, so they may do a better job compared to ordinary shipping companies when it comes to transporting your item.


Insurance coverage


Oversized shipping companies typically offer insurance coverage for the item being shipped. The federal government has mandated that heavy haul companies should have a minimum cargo insurance value of $100,000.


Customers may also be able to get themselves listed on the shipping company’s insurance policy as a certificate holder. This allows them to be fully insured in the event their item is damaged during transport.