When Hiring Heavy Equipment Movers Avoid Unplanned Costs

Heavy Equipment Movers transportation is a complicated business. You need to make sure that the load meets the local, state, and federal transportation rules and regulations. Heavy haul trucking companies are required to follow the guidelines regarding the width, height, weight dimensions of the oversized load.


Heavy Equipment Movers


Not following the required legislation can end up being costly. It can result in fines and penalties that will drive up the cost of transportation. Here we have shared some tips that will prevent unplanned costs when transporting heavy goods in the United States.


1. Know about the Legislation


You need to know about the state legislation regarding oversized goods. Make sure that you know about the route requirements when hiring a heavy haul trucking company that will cross jurisdictions.


The standards generally vary by each locality and state. In addition, the requirements also vary by season and weather conditions. Some states require an escort while others have restrictions in transporting goods during the weekend. Getting up to date on the route requirements is critical to saving oversized load transportation.


When Hiring Heavy Equipment Movers Avoid Unplanned Costs


2. Escort Vehicles


Escort vehicles are required in most states for transporting heavy equipment. Every state has a set of requirements for using escort vehicles for transporting goods.


An escort vehicle is generally required when the load is greater than or equal to 10 feet wide. But some states require an escort for all heavy loads regardless of the width.


The number of escort vehicles required also varies by state. Generally, it is determined by the type of load and the absolute measurement of the equipment that is being transported. Heavy Equipment Movers are responsible for providing escort vehicles when transporting the goods.


These escort vehicles may be required in the front and the back. In some states, they are required only in the back of the vehicle transporting the heavy goods.


3. Permit Fees   


Permit fees also vary by state. Make sure that you enquire about the state permit fees when hiring a heavy haul trucking company for transportation of the heavy equipment.


Note that the permit fees change over time. To avoid unplanned costs, it is important to know about the current fees. Moreover, you should also ensure that the load dimensions are accurate. This is important to avoid paying extra fees when the actual load dimensions turn out to be different.


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