10 Safety Tips for Heavy Equipment Hauling

More than half a million trucking accidents occur in the US every single year. Heavy equipment hauling, thus, comes under one of the most dangerous professions out there. Hence, truckers, especially those that are getting on in years, need to adhere to safety precautions.



So here are 10 tips that can make heavy equipment hauling much safer.


1.     Seatbelt First


A 2013 study by the CDC showed that 1 in 6 truck drivers don’t wear seatbelts, which can cause a lot of preventable injuries. More than 40% of crash-related deaths can occur if the driver isn’t wearing a seatbelt. So wear your seatbelt to protect yourself.


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Why You Should Hire a Heavy Haul Company

Flatbed trucking companies play an essential role in maintaining supply chains across America. They are reliable for transporting large items across long distances safely; however, some items may be too large or heavy for normal shipping companies to transport.


Heavy haul companies are experienced with loading oversized freight.


These items could be transported using a heavy haul company instead. Most people outside of the trucking industry are unfamiliar with these companies and are hesitant to try their specialized services. So here are some reasons to use a heavy haul company to transport your oversized freight.


1.      Specialized vehicles


Items that are too large or too heavy to be transported on regular flatbed trailers will need to be transported using specialized heavy haul vehicles. Some of these trucks are built for towing heavy freight, while others feature stepped flatbeds for transporting tall items safely.


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What Skills Are Needed For Trucking Flatbed Trailers?

Drivers who are interested in trucking flatbed vehicles should learn about the different skills required to succeed in this occupation. Trucking flatbed across the country comes with many challenges, so drivers need to be ready to face these obstacles with the right mindset and skill set.


Drivers will need to perform preventative maintenance on their trucks.


This guide aims to familiarize prospective flatbed truck drivers with the formal requirements they will need to possess, as well as the activities they will be performing on their day-to-day.


What are the driver requirements for trucking flatbed?


To become a CDL flatbed truck driver, you will need:


. High school diploma or a GED certificate.

. Class A commercial driver’s license that permits you to operate a flatbed truck. This can be obtained by passing a knowledge test and a driving test.

. Passing training courses at a professional truck driving school. Trucking flatbed companies usually pay to enroll their drivers into these 3 to 6-month courses.


Once you pass these formal requirements, you can start performing your duties trucking flatbed trailers.


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5 Factors that Contribute to the Cost of Heavy Haul Trucking Services

Do you have heavy, over-dimensional, or wide load freight to transport? If yes, then you require heavy haul trucking services. Heavy hauling may seem like a daunting task. Plus, the cost of heavy hauling trucking services may surprise you. Your heavy hauling trucking is not trying to rip you off. Heavy hauling is generally more expensive than regular goods transportation. Scroll down to take a look at the top five factors that contribute to the cost of availing heavy hauling trucking services.


Heavy Haul Trucking Services


1.     Trailer and Equipment


The kind of equipment you require plays a big part in determining the overall cost of transportation. The kind of trailer that you choose will depend on the size, weight, and dimensions of freight. The type and number of trailers you require will be added to the base rate.


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Things to Check Before Shipping Over-Dimensional Freight Across State Lines

Large freight is usually transported across the country with the help of over-dimensional shipping services. These companies routinely transport oversized freight across state lines and often have to abide by the unique guidelines in each state.


Some states require over dimensional shipping services to use pilot vehicles.


Oversize load shipping companies need to know about these rules beforehand, or they could end up paying heavy fines. Here are some things to check before transporting over-dimensional freight across state lines.


1.      Size restrictions on oversized loads


Freight typically needs to exceed certain dimensions to be classified as oversized. Each state has its own guidelines for classifying oversized loads, so a shipment that is considered oversized in one state may not be considered oversized in another.



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How Over Dimensional Freight Services Are Responding to COVID-19

Everyone should be familiar with the outbreak of COVID-19 by this point. The pandemic has disrupted supply chains across the globe and has slowed down production in many industries.


over dimensional freight services


The initial weeks following the outbreak were characterized by widespread panic and uncertainty. Things have calmed down slightly in the past few weeks, but many challenges still lie ahead.


The main heroes during this crisis are the medical staff who are risking their safety to test and treat COVID-19 patients. However, many freight shipping services and their staff have also stepped up to help with relief efforts during the pandemic.


Here are some of the ways in which over-dimensional freight services have responded to the current crisis.


1.      Shipping medical equipment and essential goods


Many hospitals were caught off guard by the virus’s initial outbreak. These facilities did not possess enough medical equipment to treat the patients they were receiving. In addition to this, many hospitals lacked the necessary PPEs required to handle Coronavirus patients without contracting the virus themselves.



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5 Common Types of Heavy Haulers

Heavy haulers are used for transporting oversized loads that are too large or heavy for safe road travel without special permits. In many cases, an escort is also required to safely transport the goods from one place to another. Generally, loads like giant broilers, industrial equipment, turbines, colossal power transformers, construction equipment, and even prefabricated parts of construction projects are transported using heavy haulers.

Struggling to choose the right heavy hauler for your heavy load shipment? Check out the five most commonly used types of heavy haulers here!
Lowboy moving a large box scaper from a construction site in Roseburg Oregon


Heavy hauling is not as simple as you may have imagined. The size, shape, and weight of oversized loads can create various problems on the road. Therefore, if you are considering heavy haul trucking, take the time to learn about different types of heavy haulers to make sure you pick the right one for your next project!


What Are the Types of Heavy Haulers?


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Working with Heavy Haul Companies – How to Pick the Right One

When you’re looking for heavy haul companies near you, you need to make sure that you’re picking the best one based on one important aspect – the cargo you are shipping. Many businesses don’t always consider this aspect which is why they can run into so many problems.


Are you having trouble finding the right heavy haul companies?

Moreover, working with the wrong company is not just a waste of time; it will also lead to mistakes that can be extremely costly to rectify. From late deliveries to penalties and fines, all these issues can be avoided if you just take your time to research all heavy haul companies and pick the right one.


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A Brief Guide on How to Prepare for Heavy Transport

Transporting heavy cargo safely from one place to another is no simple task. Workers must follow safety guidelines when they’re handling and hauling heavy machinery such as construction equipment to ensure everything stays intact and gets delivered on time.


Looking for heavy hauling services? Click here to learn about a few things you need to keep in mind when you’re transporting heavy equipment.


Safety measures should be taken right from the get-go to avoid running into unforeseen complications involving construction accidents and damaged equipment. In this blog post, we’ll take a look at how to prepare for heavy transport and make sure all the machinery and equipment is loaded, transported, and unloaded in a safe and legal way.


1.     Check the Owner’s Manual


The owner’s manual or the service manual contains a detailed set of instructions on how to prepare and package the equipment properly for transport and make sure no one gets injured in the process.


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A Guide to Hiring Oversize Load Trucking Companies

Oversize load trucking companies transport freight and larger items that exceed the size limits set for typical loads. Special permits and routes are required for these shipments. Moreover, the oversize load trucking company you choose is responsible for keeping your cargo safe on the road.


Oversize load trucking companies


For all these reasons, it is important to hire the right company. Otherwise, you will not only end up with damaged cargo, but you may also get in trouble for inappropriate logistics. Scroll down to take a look at how to find the right oversize load trucking company to transport your cargo without any problems!


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