Tips Heavy Haul Trucking Companies in Los Angeles, CA; Should Use to Maximize Efficiency

The heavy hauling services business is one that’s full of delays and errors due to the nature of work. There are various aspects that heavy haulers and over dimensional trucking companies near me must take care of, including unexpected ones.


Thus, completing projects within deadlines can be a challenge for most heavy haul trucking companies in Los Angeles, CA, and understandably so.


That said, if you provide heavy haul services, there are some tips you could use to maximize efficiency. Better efficiency on your part can help improve customer loyalty through reliability, which can help your business grow over time. Here’s what you should do.


over dimensional trucking companies near me


Follow a Strict Schedule


Staying organized in your work operations is an essential step to maximizing business efficiency. Thus, you must also ensure that you follow your work schedule diligently. Team leaders must assign tasks to each team member well before each project. This way, the team can schedule their work beforehand to account for unexpected hiccups along the way.


Heavy haul trucking and over dimensional trucking companies near me in Los Angeles, CA, have to account for paperwork problems, delays due to roadblocks, gridlock traffic, or random accidents on the road. Thus, sticking to a strict schedule will help your team complete projects on time, even if any of these issues surface.


Use the Correct Trailers for Different Equipment


The correct equipment will get the job done faster and with the least amount of hiccups. The same goes for trailers as well. Different axle configurations will make it necessary to use certain trailers for transporting specific equipment. Here’s a quick overview of what to keep in mind.


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Obtaining State Permits for Heavy Haul Trucking Companies in Denver, Colorado

One of the most important things that you need to consider when transporting supersized goods is the state permits. Every state has specific requirements for the transportation of heavy equipment and parts.


heavy haul transporting


It is important that you get the right permits to transport heavy goods, adhering to the state laws. Here you will learn about the different types of permits that are required for the transportation of heavy equipment in Denver, Colorado.


State Permits for Heavy Haul Transportation in Colorado


You need to get a state permit before hiring heavy haul trucking companies in Denver, Colorado for transportation of super-size loads. State permits are issued on a one-off basis for the transportation of heavy equipment.


State authorities impose restrictions on the route, times, and supporting equipment used for transporting heavy loads by heavy haul trucking companies in Denver, Colorado. There are also some restrictions regarding the transportation of heavy loads during the winter months.


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Biden and Heavy Haul Trucking Companies

Biden’s plan for standard and heavy haul transporting companies will add four hundred billion dollars to the national budget over 10 years and three trillion dollars to an aggressive infrastructure program. He wants to be known as a champion of low carbon transportation, a strategy for the transportation industry and heavy haul trucking companies. Outlined in the plan are details to transition to a new generation of electric tractors and the advanced study of the airline and shipping sectors.


zero carbon emissions Heavy Haul Trucking Companies


To keep transportation lanes moving while the positive impact on these initiatives is advanced with this plan to achieve the net-zero emissions end game by twenty fifty will include the following highlights. This would be accomplished by targeting the reduction of biofuel costs as this clean energy plan is started.


The development of more efficient engines would be a large part of the plan. These engines would power standard and heavy haul companies as well as many uses for the aviation and shipping sectors. To reduce the price range and access to the many charging stations of these newer technologies electric cars and trucks will be part of the transition plan.


All these plans can be accomplished here in the United States. The larger concern is the ability to hold the rest of the world accountable especially China and India as they enjoy developing country status waivers.


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2020 Holiday Supply Chain Volatility for Van and Flatbed Shipping Companies

Challenges for the trucking industry remain difficult as truckers excel even as the COVID-19 pandemic continues. Key supplies and components are causing the deliveries of others to become strained. The added burden of this Holiday season has increased the logistical challenges for flatbed trucking companies. Keeping the shelves full of certain products during this unusual disruption is the challenge even for simple items like toilet paper, hams, and biscuits! Strategic supplies to hospitals and health care workers have taken priority as the pandemic continues.



Movement of goods as an essential operation needed to continue. Vehicle manufacturers shifted to produce personal protective supplies. Operational fleets now were delivering medical supplies, groceries and yes toilet paper! The industries, van and flatbed trucking companies stepped up and made the sacrifices needed to get the job accomplished. Once this new supply flow was accepted as the current new normal an unusual mix of balancing assets, personnel, responsibilities, processes, and on the fly changes was put into effect as a catalyst for meaningful long term changes.


“It is not the strongest or the most intelligent who will survive, but those who can best manage change.” Charles Darwin


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MegaMAX US Trailer for Oversize Shipping

The Faymonville Group has developed yet another groundbreaking trailer for the ease of transportation of the most challenging oversize hauling projects. This trailer features extra-low clearances for the movement of extremely high and bulky cargo that is frequently called for by industries for the movement of machinery and oversized containers and crates.


A unique feature to this trailer in North America is the kingpin steering and its override remote control allowing to maneuver in the tightest of spaces. Hydraulic Pendle axles are featured in the three-axle version housing pneumatic suspension. The ability to increase the legal payload is accomplished with the unique steerable fourth pin-on flip axle air ride increasing versatility state by state during the heavy haul transportation.



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13 Axle Step deck – Heavy Haul Transporters

The standard flatbed and step deck flatbed trailers are the most common trailers used today to ship all sizes and weights of cargo. In the shipping sector, they are the most adaptable to move heavy haul and oversize shipping loads. When these trailers are protected, loaded, and secured properly there are almost no limits to the cargo that can be transported. Because of the many configurations in these types of trailers the flatbed is the shipping tool of choice to move heavy transport and oversize shipping. There are many regulations in place that monitor the safety of moving these customized loads.


13 Axle Step deck - Heavy Haul Transporting
13 Axle Step deck


Any loads over a standard size would require special permitting and certain regulations such as routes and times of day to travel. A usual load that would not require permitting are less than forty-eight feet long and less than eight and a half feet wide and no more than eight and a half feet tall. This standard size allows for four hundred square feet of cargo floor space. Because a usual trailer is five feet above the road surface standard clearances are just under thirteen and a half feet. When coming up with over-dimensional freight quotes these dimensions must be documented for the appropriated pricing.



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Steerable 13 Axle Heavy Haul Climate Controlled Transportation

A steerable 13 axle trailer is a common solution to move specialized heavy haul machinery. To eliminate any damage to these special types of heavy equipment hauling, precautions are the key. Featuring a totally enclosed environment adequate protection for example to machinery roll faces is achieved meeting the engineering specifications for transporting these types of machinery.


The most advanced controlled heating systems are also part of the features of these types of trailers enabling an environment that may be required for special types of heavy haul freight. Climate control specifications meeting engineering criteria is often a requirement for transporting such specialized freight to safely protect the integrity of the cargo, especially during harsh weather.



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9 Axle Trailer – Heavy Haul Transporters

Specialized cargo may need a nine-axle trailer. We can outfit your cargo with the flatbed trailer that is needed for the configuration of your shipment. These heavy haul transportation loads can weigh up to seventy-five tons. A nine-axle heavy haul transport flatbed trailer can transport your cargo safely and within all state and federal regulations. These features allow your cargo to be shipped in one piece most of the time without having to incur additional costs to break down the load. They can be moved using as few trailers as possible to meet these weight regulations.


heavy haulers


You will see the difference moving a load with the correct equipment in one piece vs. several in the bottom line of your budget. Cumulative savings will be quite evident in savings for labor, fuel, and dismantling and reassembling times. This reduction in cost using our concise logistics can reflect a savings of as much as $5,000 to $10,000 per trailer load.


Please make it a point to check into our heavy haul transporting quotes today where an experienced, knowledgeable, and professional staff can help you work through the logistics and budget of your shipping project. Call us at (844)337-4909 to work through any heavy transport load questions.



heavy haler


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What are the Dangers of Oversize Hauling?

Oversize truckloads are nothing new. They’ve been overstuffing trucks with stuff for as long as there have been trucks. You have probably seen a bright, black and yellow banner that bears the words “oversize load” on a truck before. This type of truck usually carries industrial equipment, a mobile home, or a steel shipping container. Some of these trucks exceed their capacity. Due to the varying sizes and weights of industrial equipment and homes, this is bound to happen from time to time.


What are the Dangers of Oversize Hauling?
Dangers of oversize hauling


This can result in accidents, injuries, and even deaths in some cases. It also causes millions of dollars’ worth of losses as well when taken together. However, we have learned many things over the hundred years that trucks have been on the road. Hence, we can now identify the dangers associated with overstuffing trucks. So here are a few practices that you should watch out for and protect yourself and your cargo.


Increased Stopping Distance


Increased stopping distance is a problem that is inherent to oversize hauling in general. Larger mass means greater momentum, which means a greater force needed to stop a moving body. The average stopping distance for a loaded tractor-trailer is 196 feet. This is compared to 133 feet for a passenger vehicle. In general, stopping distance increases by 25%  for every 20,000 pounds added after the first 80,000 pounds. That’s the upper legal limit for normal load sizes. Hence, it shouldn’t ever be exceeded without proper precautions.



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4 Tips to Maximize the Efficiency of Heavy Haul Trucking Companies

Heavy haul shipping is a risky business. It’s often riddled with errors and delays. During the coronavirus pandemic, there has been an increasing need for greater efficiency, specifically because of the economic impact. Delays and improper planning can also lead to greater fatalities and injuries. We certainly don’t need more of them at this time. Hence, maximizing efficiency and paying attention to proper procedures can both save lives and improve profits. So, here are 4 tips you can use to improve the efficiency of heavy haul trucking companies.


Here are 4 tips you can use to maximize efficiency at heavy haul trucking companies.


1.     Planning the Routes in Advance


Clearing different barriers, complying with permits, and adhering to the rules of the road, are all issues with trucking. Without planning, they can’t possibly be overcome. Even if the shipment gets to its destination on time, offloading it can sometimes be a problem. Without proper planning, heavy haul trucking companies can’t expect to make a profit.


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