When Hiring Heavy Equipment Movers Avoid Unplanned Costs

Heavy Equipment Movers transportation is a complicated business. You need to make sure that the load meets the local, state, and federal transportation rules and regulations. Heavy haul trucking companies are required to follow the guidelines regarding the width, height, weight dimensions of the oversized load.


Heavy Equipment Movers


Not following the required legislation can end up being costly. It can result in fines and penalties that will drive up the cost of transportation. Here we have shared some tips that will prevent unplanned costs when transporting heavy goods in the United States.


1. Know about the Legislation


You need to know about the state legislation regarding oversized goods. Make sure that you know about the route requirements when hiring a heavy haul trucking company that will cross jurisdictions.


The standards generally vary by each locality and state. In addition, the requirements also vary by season and weather conditions. Some states require an escort while others have restrictions in transporting goods during the weekend. Getting up to date on the route requirements is critical to saving oversized load transportation.


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What Types of Trailers Do Heavy Haul Trucking Companies Near Me Use?

Anyone that has tried transporting an item that is too big for their vehicle will know how challenging it can be. However, such hurdles are the norm for Heavy Haul Trucking Companies Near Me. These companies transport oversized freight on roadways on a regular basis and utilize a wide variety of trailers to get the job done safely.




Let’s look at some of the most common types of trailers Heavy Haul Trucking Companies Near Me use.


1.      Flatbed Trailers


Flatbed trailers are the most common trailer type heavy haul trucking companies use. This trailer is flat and continuous and features no roof or walls. They are ideal for carrying a wide variety of items, such as bulk cargo or shipping containers.


Heavy Haulers frequently use flatbed trailers when transporting elongated items such as pipes or beams.



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Do Heavy Haul Trucking Companies Near Me Require Pilot Vehicles?

Transporting any oversized item on roadways can be a challenging feat that requires plenty of preparation. In addition to requiring special permits, heavy haul trucking companies near me may need to use pilot vehicles when transporting heavy haul freight.  Let’s look at these pilot vehicles in more detail and how they are used.


Thirty six states require oversized vehicles to be accompanied by a pilot vehicle.

What is a Pilot Vehicle?


“Pilot vehicle” is a special term that refers to vehicles that accompany trucks or other vehicles transporting oversized loads on roadways.


In the United States vehicles that are over 13 feet in width must be accompanied by a pilot vehicle in front when operating on roadways. Vehicles that are over 14 feet 6 inches in height require high pole escort pilot vehicles.


Do Heavy Haul Trucking Companies Near Me Require Pilot Vehicles?


What Are the Requirements for a Pilot Vehicle?


Heavy haul trucking companies in the United States are generally aware of the various requirements for pilot vehicles in each state. However, these requirements can be less strict than in other states. Some states do not require pilot car drivers to possess a pilot escort certification.


There is also no requirement for vehicles to qualify as “pilot vehicles”. This means you can use any vehicle as long as it is accompanying the truck transporting the heavy haul freight safely.


Do Heavy Haul Trucking Companies near Me  Provide Pilot Vehicles?


You may be wondering if heavy haul trucking companies in the United States provide their own pilot vehicles during transportation. The answer is yes in most cases. These companies understand the importance of using pilot vehicles during each transportation job and work to provide the vehicles necessary.


Some individuals or businesses may prefer using their own vehicles as pilot vehicles. However, heavy haul trucking companies near me provide vehicles that are equipped with the right equipment to accompany your oversized item safely. In addition to this, they provide pilot vehicle drivers who are aware of different operating conditions. This includes:


Approved transportation times and restrictions.

The size of roads the truck will be passing through.

The oversized item’s dimension and weight.


Each of the conditions mentioned above affects the overall transportation process, so it is vital to use a driver who is up-to-speed with them.


Why Choose Heavy Haul Transporting?


Individuals or businesses who wish to transport oversized cargo in a safe and efficient manner should get in touch with Heavy Haul Transporting. We have completed numerous oversized cargo shipments for our clients in the United States. You won’t find many other heavy haul trucking companies who match our service quality.


We also use legally compliant pilot vehicles along with qualified pilot vehicles for each order. Please get in touch with us to learn more about how we make the heavy haul transportation process quick and easy for you.



What Are the Top Priorities for Heavy Haul Trucking Companies in Orlando, FL

Heavy haul trucking companies in Orlando, FL are important for various businesses in the state. These companies transport oversized items from one location to the next safely and efficiently. They encounter many challenges with each delivery, but they overcome them with the right preparation and planning. You may be wondering what the top priorities for these companies are.


Heavy haul shipping companies must follow local laws regarding the transportation of oversized items in the state.


Let’s take a closer look at the main priorities for heavy haul trucking companies in Orlando, FL, and why they are important for equipment transport.


1.      Safety


The notion of “safety first” rings especially true for companies that transport oversized items on roadways. Delivering over-dimensional or overweight loads across long distances is not an easy feat. There are always dangers during the loading, delivery, and unloading process. However, heavy haul trucking companies in Orlando, FL prioritize the safety of their staff and cargo at all times.


They do this by inspecting or monitoring the cargo before and during the equipment movers shipping process. They also train their staff on how to react when faced with dangers or accidents.


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Tips to Help You Find Great Service from Heavy Haul Trucking Companies in Louisiana

Transporting large, heavy machinery and other cargo is no simple task. Only professional and skilled heavy haul trucking companies in Louisiana are equipped with the knowledge and resources to perform such an operation. Well, if you do require a trucking company, you must ensure that you hire one that provides high-quality services.



Heavy haul trucking companies in Louisiana



With many trucking companies in Louisiana, it may be a little challenging to settle on one. Well, this quick guide will help you learn how you can find excellent hauling services from your local companies. Here’s what you need to know.



Make a Note of What Your Needs Are



The only way you’ll be able to narrow down your list of heavy haul trucking companies in Louisiana to choose from is to figure out what your transportation requirements are. Typically, trucking companies have specialized equipment and types of transportation vehicles for specific types of cargo. Therefore, you must make sure that you select a trucking company that has the means to transport your cargo safely and promptly.



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What Permits Do Heavy Haul Trucking Companies in Michigan Need?

If you plan to transport an oversized item via road, you will need to use services from heavy haul trucking companies in Michigan. These companies obtain special permits that allow them to transport oversized items legally on Michigan roadways. Let’s look at the permits these companies require and why they are important.


Single trip permits are valid for only a single trip.


Why Are Heavy Haul Transportation Permits Required For Heavy Haul Trucking Companies in Michigan?



The Pursuant to Act 300 of the Public Acts of 1949, the Michigan Vehicle Code (MVC) requires individuals or businesses to possess permits when transporting loads that are above the maximum legal size and weight limits in the state.


These restrictions are in place to ensure the safety of other vehicles and pedestrians, as well as the roads themselves. Transport permits are usually issued only to those vehicles and items that cannot be reduced in size or moved via other means reasonably.


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Obtaining State Permits for Heavy Haul Trucking Companies in Denver, Colorado

One of the most important things that you need to consider when transporting supersized goods is the state permits. Every state has specific requirements for the transportation of heavy equipment and parts.


heavy haul transporting


It is important that you get the right permits to transport heavy goods, adhering to the state laws. Here you will learn about the different types of permits that are required for the transportation of heavy equipment in Denver, Colorado.


State Permits for Heavy Haul Transportation in Colorado


You need to get a state permit before hiring heavy haul trucking companies in Denver, Colorado for transportation of super-size loads. State permits are issued on a one-off basis for the transportation of heavy equipment.


State authorities impose restrictions on the route, times, and supporting equipment used for transporting heavy loads by heavy haul trucking companies in Denver, Colorado. There are also some restrictions regarding the transportation of heavy loads during the winter months.


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Factoring, where does all the money go? What is the real cost?

Factoring is based on the Gross cost needed to move a load. If a driver receives $5000 for a load, he then needs to deduct overhead costs such as fuel, tolls, maintenance, etc. Once these deductions are made, he may be left with 30% or $1500. If the load is factored at 5% that’s $250 or 17% of the drivers, net profit. Such a large cost simply because of a drivers miss-management of cash flow!


Factoring Charges Bottom Line for Flatbed Heavy Hauling Companies


Factoring varies company by company, typically the lowest charge would be 2%, but only for the first 30 days. Currently, the lowest charge I have uncovered is a half a percent for every 10 days that the invoice remains unpaid. Flat rates are also offered but these are usually unfavorable if the invoice is to be paid promptly.


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Biden and Heavy Haul Trucking Companies

Biden’s plan for standard and heavy haul transporting companies will add four hundred billion dollars to the national budget over 10 years and three trillion dollars to an aggressive infrastructure program. He wants to be known as a champion of low carbon transportation, a strategy for the transportation industry and heavy haul trucking companies. Outlined in the plan are details to transition to a new generation of electric tractors and the advanced study of the airline and shipping sectors.


zero carbon emissions Heavy Haul Trucking Companies


To keep transportation lanes moving while the positive impact on these initiatives is advanced with this plan to achieve the net-zero emissions end game by twenty fifty will include the following highlights. This would be accomplished by targeting the reduction of biofuel costs as this clean energy plan is started.


The development of more efficient engines would be a large part of the plan. These engines would power standard and heavy haul companies as well as many uses for the aviation and shipping sectors. To reduce the price range and access to the many charging stations of these newer technologies electric cars and trucks will be part of the transition plan.


All these plans can be accomplished here in the United States. The larger concern is the ability to hold the rest of the world accountable especially China and India as they enjoy developing country status waivers.


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2020 Holiday Supply Chain Volatility for Van and Flatbed Shipping Companies

Challenges for the trucking industry remain difficult as truckers excel even as the COVID-19 pandemic continues. Key supplies and components are causing the deliveries of others to become strained. The added burden of this Holiday season has increased the logistical challenges for flatbed trucking companies. Keeping the shelves full of certain products during this unusual disruption is the challenge even for simple items like toilet paper, hams, and biscuits! Strategic supplies to hospitals and health care workers have taken priority as the pandemic continues.



Movement of goods as an essential operation needed to continue. Vehicle manufacturers shifted to produce personal protective supplies. Operational fleets now were delivering medical supplies, groceries and yes toilet paper! The industries, van and flatbed trucking companies stepped up and made the sacrifices needed to get the job accomplished. Once this new supply flow was accepted as the current new normal an unusual mix of balancing assets, personnel, responsibilities, processes, and on the fly changes was put into effect as a catalyst for meaningful long term changes.


“It is not the strongest or the most intelligent who will survive, but those who can best manage change.” Charles Darwin


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