Steerable 13 Axle Heavy Haul Climate Controlled Transportation

A steerable 13 axle trailer is a common solution to move specialized heavy haul machinery. To eliminate any damage to these special types of heavy equipment hauling, precautions are the key. Featuring a totally enclosed environment adequate protection for example to machinery roll faces is achieved meeting the engineering specifications for transporting these types of machinery.


The most advanced controlled heating systems are also part of the features of these types of trailers enabling an environment that may be required for special types of heavy haul freight. Climate control specifications meeting engineering criteria is often a requirement for transporting such specialized freight to safely protect the integrity of the cargo, especially during harsh weather.




Steerable 13 Axle Heavy Haul Climate Controlled Transportation



Steerable 13 Axle Heavy Haul Transportation


Heating units that can meet BTU specifications are contained in the trailer’s headboards. The ability to offset freezing temperatures with an advanced airflow circulating system ensures the environment is always within engineering specifications during the oversize shipping of these loads. Included with these features are insulated tarping, sidewalls, and flooring systems along with special padded chains to insure safe transport.


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