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Heavy Haul Transporting, Inc. is a leading name in the industry that is famous for its top-quality services. We offer customized services for oversized trucking in Oklahoma and can easily meet your complex, unique, and diversified shipping needs. We have extensive access to the global market as we offer our services in Canada and Mexico.


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We’re transporting and shipping services experts who can move any and every kind of fleet regardless of the industry it belongs to. Since our roots are widely spread across the globe; we can transport your cargo to simply any location within the country and beyond.


Heavy Haul Transporting, Inc. provides solutions for several different industries such as oil and gas, aerospace, agriculture, energy, manufacturing, and construction.


What Challenges Can We Overcome?


Oversized trucking in Oklahoma is not that simple; in fact, it is filled with a number of challenges. Choose us to eliminate all of these challenges.
Permits – The shipping of your heavy equipment is not possible without permits. The transportation rules and regulations vary from state to state. Due to our extensive global access, we can easily obtain a permit on your behalf.
Trailer Procurement – Heavy loads should be shipped on a huge truck trailer that has a maximum of 7 axles. We are fully equipped with huge truck trailers to transport your cargo safely.


Loading and Unloading of the Cargo – Advanced lifting equipment is required to load and unload heavy cargo. Such heavy lifters prevent damage and ensure the safety of your cargo. At HHT, we have the required lifting equipment.


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