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When you are looking for a perfect shipping solution for your over-dimensional, heavy and loaded equipment, choose Heavy Haul Transporting, Inc. for a safe delivery in a timely manner. We are heavy haul experts and shipping specialists who transport what others can’t, including large cargo, heavy machinery, and other large equipment. Now you don’t have to worry about your logistics needs; we guarantee to help you with improving your business growth opportunities. We offer customized services for oversized trucking in New Mexico and can easily meet your unique and complex shipping requirements.


New Mexico


We are renowned in the industry for our specialized heavy haul transportation services New Mexico!


We not only provide heavy haul transportation services in New Mexico, but we have an extensive network of international shipping throughout the US and Canada as well. This specialized kind of oversized trucking in New Mexico is beneficial for various industries, including aerospace, mining, agriculture, oil and gas, alternative energy, and construction. Since we provide access to a global network, we can fulfill your shipping requirements for any destination in the country and beyond. No matter how heavy or huge your cargo is, or what industry you work in, we guarantee that your shipping will make it to its final destination safely, and in a timely manner.


How We Overcome the Challenges


Oversized trucking in New Mexico can present a significant number of challenges than normal and standard sized trucking. Some of these challenges are:


Safe Loading: For the safety of heavy cargo, cranes and other necessary lifting equipment are used to prevent possible damage during the loading and unloading of the cargo.



Handling Heavy Trailers: It’s not easy to handle heavy loads while shipping. It requires a large truck trailer to transport such big and oversize equipment.
Necessary Permits: For shipping and transportation, permits vary from state to state. Due to our global shipping service, we can easily transport your cargo anywhere hassle free.


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