We are a full service transportation and shipping solutions provider specializing in oversized trucking in Illinois!


Illinois is known for its export of light petroleum oils. Interstate transportation is a vital resource that can ensure the success of businesses in Illinois and that’s where Heavy Haul Transporting, Inc., comes in!

Heavy Haul Transportation Services in Illinois, Oversized Trucking in Illinois

We are a liable and trustworthy logistics partner and we fulfill the requirements of your business for oversized trucking in Illinois. Our goal is to ensure that our fleet provides your business the transportation advantage it needs to gain a competitive edge in the market.



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With a network that expands across the United States, we can ensure your business doesn’t have any problems during expansion. Want a more widespread advantage? Don’t worry! Heavy Haul Transporting, Inc., also operates in Canada and Mexico to ensure your brand expansion dreams don’t encounter any obstacles. Now you can cross borders and grow your business the way you want.


We provide heavy haul transportation services in Illinois, but that doesn’t limit our capabilities. With the help of road surveying, permitting services and general logistics consultation, we aim to provide our clients with the best services in town that ensure an increase in sales and a spike in your profits.


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