Oversize Transportation of a B1 Bomber

Recently Heavy Haul Transporting, Inc. a division of Flatbed Hauling Quotes, Inc. moved a B1B bomber from Tucson Arizona to Park City Kansas. The B1 is 29 feet wide with the wings removed and 130 feet long weighing 90,000 pounds. It took over two months to move this plane down the highway. The wings were moved separately 16 feet wide by 60 feet long.



The swing-wing bomber is a technological accomplishment capable of carrying more than two flatbed trailers worth of ordnance at speeds that break the sound barrier. During the flight, this marvellous plane only shows up on one per cent of the enemy’s radar. It soon became nicknamed by aircrews as “The Bone”.


In December 1998 two Bones joined naval escorts crossing into Iraqi territory cruising at 550 mph. Iraqi surface to air missiles was being closely monitored as orange trails of anti-aircraft fire were trying to shoot down the high flying B1’s


Oversize Transportation of a B1 Bomber


Reaching their target, flying low to the ground to avoid radar detection the doors opened and dropped 500-pound dumb bombs. After the drop, they returned home initiating a steep a 3G bank. Mission accomplished!


After the B1 bombers production was cancelled twice before the needed speed and altitude that this bomber provided was finally embraced to provide a protective barrier for the United States air force and the Soviet weaponry. Finding a way to strike targets deep in enemy territory with power, large fuel capacity and the ability to attain supersonic speeds blazing past enemy defences was realized in the third resurgence of this amazing bomber.