Increased Demand for Flatbed Shipping Companies, Why?

Currently, oversize freight shipping has experienced a substantial increase in demand. Trucking companies have had to postpone shipping loads resulting in much slower than normal performance. Even though other areas of freight transportation have leveled out and, in some instances declined, this growth for flatbed freight subsists.


This upswing trend in flatbed shipping demand can be explained in a few different ways but first, we should focus on why a shipper would choose flatbed shipping over other transporting opportunities.


Heavy Haul Transportation


Flatbed trucking companies offer four major shipping methods: ground, rail, ocean, and air. Not all these flatbeds are what you might be used to seeing on the interstates. Other forms include refrigerated flatbeds, trailers, train cars and many more.


When loads are bulky and too difficult to move or lift without the aid of heavy machinery, that’s when flatbeds are the transportation choice. These flatbeds offer the most versatility for flatbed shipping companies when moving construction supplies like wood, steel, and masonry.


Stored supplies and goods at times can be difficult to access and hard to retrieve using normal means and therefore flatbeds offer the only options to difficult logistics. Now that we have an idea of what flatbeds can be used for, let us investigate the reasons why demand is spiking for standard and heavy haul trucking services.



Increased Demand for Flatbed Shipping Companies, Why?


Import demands are trending higher because of the current supply chain issues and current events. This trend may taper off but currently, it is a major factor in this increased demand. Cold storage refrigerated flatbeds are needed to move these goods from major ports such as Jacksonville, FL; Savannah, GA; and Houston, TX.



Heavy Hauling Transporting Company



Construction is also a major contributor to the current flatbed trucking quotes demand. This industry is quite healthy and in rapid growth now, both the industrial and residential sectors. Construction projects obviously create a demand for more materials, components, and machinery. All these construction-related products because of abnormal sizes usually need flatbed trucking services to move from site to site.



Demand for crude oil has increased the shipment and import of oil-based goods such as oil drums and containers and at least for the moment established a stable sector. With the shut down of the pipeline, this trend could become a bit shaky going forward.



Heavy equipment Transportation


A healthy consumer market currently has seen retailers increase orders of goods and has driven the demand for these flatbeds upwards. This trend however now stands to be slowed for a time because of the restrictions forced on us by the pandemic and the change in our lifestyle.



Larger goods are being transported regularly such as aeronautics, green energy products, and pre-built construction buildings all requiring oversize hauling services and heavy haulers that feature these specialized flatbeds.



Now it will be interesting to see if this boost in flatbed haulers demand will continue under the new administration in Washington, DC. It has been in an upward trend for some time now as the need by organizations and individuals to move more and larger goods more frequently have increased.


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