How to Select a Heavy Haul Service

A heavy haul freight is defined as a transport load that exceeds the size and/or weight restrictions set by the local body that governs roads, such as the state. They are also known as oversized loads.

Certain heavy haul companies take more precautions than others.


The conditions for classifying cargo as heavy haul varies from state to state, but it usually implies that the truck, trailer, and cargo have a combined weight exceeding 80,000 pounds and/or width exceeding 8.5 feet and/or height exceeding 14.5 feet. Trucks and trailers whose combined length exceeds 65 feet are also classified as heavy haul freight transporters.


Some cargo loads simply can’t be broken down into smaller sizes, so heavy haul companies are required to transport these oversized freights. Selecting the right heavy haul company for your needs can be tricky if you’re unfamiliar with the process of moving oversized cargo. So here are some things to look out for before choosing the services of a heavy haul company.



How to Select a Heavy Haul Service


1.      Check their insurance


A good heavy haul company should have insurance for its transportation services. Once you hire the services of a particular heavy haul company, you should be listed on their insurance policy as a certificate holder. This allows you to be fully insured in the event that your cargo is damaged during transportation.


Heavy haul companies with insurance can provide clients with a copy of their federal authority, W-9, and insurance certificate. You can then contact their insurance provider and ask to be listed as a certificate holder. This service is usually free, so avoid any heavy haul companies that charge you extra to be listed as a certificate holder.


You should also ask the heavy haul company what the value of their cargo insurance is. The federal government mandates that heavy haul companies should have a minimum cargo insurance value of $100,000. If the company quotes a figure lower than this, then it should be avoided.


2.      Verify their history


The best heavy haul companies are usually the ones with the most experience. These companies have shipped hundreds of oversized loads before, and have learned from their previous issues and mistakes. This makes them a safer and more reliable choice for transporting your oversized cargo.


While many heavy haul companies tout themselves as experienced, you should always consider researching them on the internet or reaching out to their past clients to learn how reliable they actually are. You can learn a lot about a company using just a simple Google search, so do your research before choosing a heavy haul service.


3.      Look for transparent pricing


It’s important for heavy haul companies to provide you with accurate cost estimates for your shipment. You may have to relay this figure to your own company or business, so it is important that the amount they quote initially matches the final amount that you end up paying.


Try asking the heavy haul company for a list of services that will be used in shipping your item, as well as the cost of each one. This can help you identify any surprise fees that pop up in the cost total.