How to Plan for Shipping through Heavy Haul Trucking

Shipping through heavy haul trucking is a lengthy procedure that often involves a lot of planning. Attention has to be paid to every little detail, which is why it is necessary to have a checklist and to thoroughly stick to it. Luckily, while some little details can be skipped over, there are others, which are crucial and must never be overlooked.

Heavy haul trucking
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These main pointers are shipping planning essentials so, even if you only focus on them, the shipping process will be smoother and problem-free.


So, if you want to make the planning process easier for shipping through heavy haul trucking, the following are certain things that you need to look out for:

Preparing the Permits


No shipments can move from the warehouse with the appropriate permits. It is one of the biggest and major requirements of all shipments through heavy haul trucking. If you don’t have the necessary permit, your goods will remain in the warehouse for months at a time.


Additionally, the process of getting a permit is not an easy one. In fact, permit approval can take weeks before they are cleared and your goods can move. If you want to make sure that the shipping of goods begins immediately, then you should apply for the permits in advance. It also ensures that even if delays occur in the process, you don’t end up losing money while waiting for a permit to get approved.


How to Plan for Shipping through Heavy Haul Trucking


Planning Out the Route


With heavy haul trucking, it is less about taking the scenic route and more about picking the fastest and simplest path that will get you from one place to another. It also ensures that you have a realistic timeline of when you can expect your goods to reach the destination. Planning the route beforehand is important as well since it will identify what permits you need.


This is especially true if you require the shipment to be sent out of the state. Additionally, you can also estimate and make room for pit stops or unforeseen circumstances to ensure that no matter what, the shipment reaches the final point through the shortest route possible.


Keep Special Requirements in Mind


Based on the kind of cargo you want to ship, you should also keep the special requirements of the cargo in mind. This will directly influence the kind of transport and equipment you will need for heavy haul trucking. This can include requiring a crane to load and unload the cargo, requiring tarp, tie-down points, flags and more.


It’s best to consider these special requirements so that you can pick the right company to work with. Certain companies may not have the equipment, tools or the transport vehicles available for special cargo shipments. With heavy haul trucking, it is best to explore your options and pick a company that meets these special requirements for your goods.


Measure Cargo for Dimensions


Always measure the cargo for its dimensions and the weight as well. This factor also influences the kind of transportation type you will require as well as the special equipment needed. Many vehicles are only suited to particular dimensions.

Whether the cargo is large of small, if you want to ship it through heavy haul trucking, you must know the dimensions. Otherwise, there is a higher chance of shipping errors and issues, which can increase the chances of damaging the cargo.


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