How Over Dimensional Freight Services Are Responding to COVID-19

Everyone should be familiar with the outbreak of COVID-19 by this point. The pandemic has disrupted supply chains across the globe and has slowed down production in many industries.


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The initial weeks following the outbreak were characterized by widespread panic and uncertainty. Things have calmed down slightly in the past few weeks, but many challenges still lie ahead.


The main heroes during this crisis are the medical staff who are risking their safety to test and treat COVID-19 patients. However, many freight shipping services and their staff have also stepped up to help with relief efforts during the pandemic.


Here are some of the ways in which over-dimensional freight services have responded to the current crisis.


1.      Shipping medical equipment and essential goods


Many hospitals were caught off guard by the virus’s initial outbreak. These facilities did not possess enough medical equipment to treat the patients they were receiving. In addition to this, many hospitals lacked the necessary PPEs required to handle Coronavirus patients without contracting the virus themselves.




How Over Dimensional Freight Services Are Responding to COVID-19


However, manufacturers of medical equipment and PPEs stepped up their production so that hospitals could treat their patients safely. This equipment was transported across the country in huge loads with the help of over-dimensional freight services.


Many supermarkets also ran out of supplies in the days following the outbreak due to people purchasing huge quantities of essential goods such as food and water. These initial shortages prompted some supermarkets to raise their prices.


However, most stores were able to renew their supplies with the help of shipping companies that were working overtime to deliver these goods. These over-dimensional freight services played an essential role in keeping society up and running during the early days of the crisis. They are the unsung heroes of the Coronavirus pandemic.


2.      Following COVID-19 guidelines


Businesses that are operating during the pandemic have adopted new guidelines to keep their employees and clients safe from the virus. Trucking companies (including over-dimensional freight services) are also following special guidelines during the pandemic.


These companies are using social distancing measures similar to businesses in other industries. However, the emergency pandemic conditions have also permitted truckers to forgo many of the rules they were subject to in the past. These include:


  • Taking a 30-minute break after 8 hours of consecutive driving.
  • The 34 hour reset gap required between the end of driving activities for one week and the start of driving activities in the next week.


The suspension of both these rules allows drivers to drive for longer periods and transport live-saving supplies to hospitals in less time.


3.      Dealing with uncertainties


One of the most frustrating aspects of the pandemic is the uncertainty it brings with it. No one knows when this crisis will be resolved. Due to this reason, many over-dimensional freight services find it difficult to carry out long-term planning.


These companies are operating with short-term goals in mind, and their profits may suffer because of this. However, we can still count on these companies to step up to the plate when we need them the most.