2 Axle Step Deck-Heavy Haul Transporters

These step deck trailers are a version of a flatbed trailer having a lower and an upper deck. A step deck trailer is used to transport cargo that can not be moved on a conventional flatbed trailer. Reasons range from over height, over width, and perhaps an unconventional shape. This trailer configuration is known as the most versatile and can haul almost any cargo.


  • Maximum freight weight is 48,000 lbs.
  • Maximum Stepdeck Trailer Length- 48 ft – 53 ft.
  • Maximum Stepdeck Trailer Width- 8.5 ft.
  • Maximum Legal Freight Height- 10 ft.
  • 2 Axle Step Deck-Heavy Haul Transporters



2 Axle Step Deck – Heavy Haul Transporters


This drop deck trailer drops down after clearing the tractor unit. Mainly they are designed to haul taller loads. Being closer to the ground they are much safer to load with a forklift. They will also allow adjustment for the taller loads center of gravity. Some of the frequent loads to be transported using a 2-axle step deck trailer are large, tall machinery and equipment as well as building and construction materials.


These 2 axle step decks used by heavy haulers can only be loaded from the side or top. These trailers combined with load levelers can even out the decks.