2 Axle Extendable-Heavy Haul Transporters


The configuration of an extendable trailer is a mechanism that is towed by a tractor-trailer to move specialty loads for heavy haul transporters. Extending the trailer to accommodate loads that may be used for many different lengths depending on what the cargo demands are. These trailers are readily adaptable and efficiently manipulated.


The telescoping mechanism of an extendable trailer can be part of the front, rear or even both chassis. Either of these chassis can be part of the separate wheel and axle assemblies. Usually, they can be is a side by side contracted state. Both front and rear chassis using a rigid connection compliment the trailers versatility when the trailer is contracted or expanded along the horizontal axis.


2 Axle Extendable-Heavy Haul Transporters


In the assembly, the securing of both extended and contracted positions and any adjustment in between is accomplished by the use of the transporters locking mechanism. Some of these can be adjusted via a computer module.


A power pack, gooseneck, wheel, supporting device, hydraulic suspension, braking and electrical frame systems are many of the components of this type of oversize load trailer used by heavy haul transporters. These component modules are necessary in the operational use of these types of trailers both longitudinally and horizontally.


The basic configuration of these longitudinal extendable trailers has a fixed frame and an additional frame attached to the fixed frame. The additional frame allows a slidable merge with the fixed frame allowing the needed longitudinal extension. The free frame moves in relation to the fixed frame for either lengthening or shortening the trailer. The portion that is located in the rear of the trailer is usually the movable component with its independent set of wheels and axle firmly secured. When fastening down the actual cargo it is always secured to the fixed frame.

The basic configuration of these wide extendable trailers used by heavy haul transporters is an expansion type allowing them to transport a much wider load than most conventional cargoes. This trailer is comprised of a floor and sidewall sections that can be adjusted to accommodate the needed width.