Flatbed Heavy Haul Companies Near Me Records

The Flatbed Heavy Haul Companies Near Me have been witnessing an increase in flatbed hauling quotes for the past few years. Many factors are influencing this pattern change, and the rates keep fluctuating, which is making flatbed industry customers increasingly worried about the future of the industry.


Flatbed Heavy Haul Companies Near Me Records


However, some genuine factors influence the flatbed hauling rates, which makes companies ask for higher prices. Some of those factors are:


The Weather Factor


When you are searching for flatbed heavy haul companies near me, you expect to find near similar numbers. However, that’s not the case for most states anymore. A major factor that’s affecting the flatbed hauling rates is the weather conditions.



Flatbed Heavy Haul Companies Near Me Records


Just in the year 2021, following the weather disruptions in February, the flatbed industry saw a boom in rates. It negatively affected the order numbers as consumers were unwilling to pay higher prices for a service they acquired just a few months earlier.


Some industries are more affected by the change in the weather pattern and the flatbed hauling quotes compared to others. The construction industry is one of them. As the summer season arrives, you can see more demand for hauling construction material, which increases hauling rates.


The winter season also affects the flatbed industry with snow, tornadoes, and hurricanes. Flatbed companies are affected by blocked roads and they have to reroute deliveries. It affects the hauling rates because of the high demand and low supply of drivers and available routes.


Number of Available Drivers


It’s no secret that the younger generation is not interested in working in an industry that does not provide corporate benefits. They prefer less work, more pay, and a relaxed work environment. Which is an important reason for the shortage of commercial and flatbed drivers.


An average flatbed trucker is 55 years old, getting closer to retirement with each year. But the problem is, once they retire, there aren’t many drivers to replace them and take on the workload. Due to the shortage of drivers, the companies have no choice but to request flatbed heavy haul companies near me to provide their service.


The Industry Trends


While the flatbed industry has its trends and set standards for service, other industries have a great influence on fluctuating flatbed hauling quotes. The market trend is a huge factor that influences industries including the flatbed sector.


Flatbed companies are available to provide service for many industries, but some of them are their regular customers, like construction, forestry, agriculture, automotive, etc. If we consider the construction industry as an example, we can see that as soon as people are ready to invest in a property, the construction industry explodes.


As they highly depend on the flatbed industry for hauling material and machinery, the hauling rates are altered to keep up with industry trends.


Despite the increasing hauling quotes, some people can’t stop using the flatbed industry. Their businesses depend on the service to move heavy loads across long distances. If you are a company in need of hauling services, get in touch with Heavy Haul Transportation to find out the latest quotes!