Flatbed Equipment Hauler vs. Hot Shots, Think Twice!

When it is time to choose a flatbed equipment hauler, think twice before using a hotshot truck.


Hotshots are not equipped to handle heavier freight as seen below with this damaged hot shot trailer.


Flatbed Equipment Hauler


Flatbed Equipment Hauler


Now, not all flatbed hotshot trucks are bad, but many do not require the same standard rules and regulations that are required for large flatbed trucking companies.


Examples like no drug testing and no CDL’s (commercial driver’s license). Many hotshot carriers cannot meet the expectation you would expect because of weight and space limitations. Hotshot trucks are more commonly used by companies like Uship.com or Ebay.com for the customer who purchased a lawn tractor or table set.


When booking a flatbed equipment hauler be sure you ask what type of flatbed truck you are getting to avoid any overweight arguments because you did not provide the accurate weight. This can cost you thousands of dollars because the truck will need to be offloaded at the highway scale and reloaded by a crane. Sometimes it is just not worth it to try to save a buck.



Flatbed Equipment Hauler vs. Hot Shots, Think Twice!


Advantages of Flatbed Trucking Over Hot Shot Trucking


Flatbeds offer many more advantages that you just do not get with Hot Shots. Flatbeds are versatile and furnish adequate space with the ability to handle heavier loads.


It is now very costly to undo this failure by hiring an appropriate flatbed shipping company using a trailer that can handle the weight and bulk of the cargo. Another add-on cost will be the use of a crane in moving the cargo from the damaged trailer to the appropriate trailer.


All of this could have been easily avoided by using an experienced flatbed trucking service over the usually less experienced hotshot company. An experienced flatbed trucking company will have the appropriate trailer to fit the cargo that you need to move and will exercise all safety protocols.


Flatbed Equipment Hauler


Specialized equipment is also available; extendable step decks, drop decks, removable goosenecks, and many more that fit the cargo to be moved. Moving your freight with the appropriate flatbed trailer is more secure having the ability to fasten down the load securely offering stable transport assuring that your load will arrive safely and undamaged. Loading and unloading with the aid of winches and cranes just enhance the convenience over the usual manual labor offered by Hot Shot companies.


The variety of flatbed trailer options offers dimensional flexibility offering the ability to move any shape or size load accommodating loads that quite frankly Hot Shots cannot move safely.


At Heavy Haul Transporting we have all the options available to move even a B1 bomber or simply a tree stump safely from pick up to the destination.


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