Facts About Truck Accidents

In the United States, the trucking industry is consistently on the rise even though faster and more advanced modes of transport are being developed every year. Transportation by vans and other trucking flatbed variations are still the most suitable means to move goods from shore to shore. These equipment haulers make up 70% of these deliveries.


Facts About Truck Accidents


The highways in 2021 exhibit a plethora of different types of trailers and tractor combinations designed to carry a number of different types of standard and heavy haul freight. It is forecasted to become the fifth largest cause of deaths in the U.S.A. by 2030. As the main source of income for many individuals, it will be helpful to understand the main causes of these deaths by accidents so that the data can be studied and improved on and ultimately help to reduce the death count.


1] Since 2009 over a fifty per cent increase in these accidents has been documented.

2] Large trucks are reported in seventy-four per cent of all fatal passenger vehicle deaths.

3] The most common cause showing 30% of all truck-related accidents is caused by tire defects.

4] These accidents are reported as 20% of the total during the day between noon and 3 pm.

5] Occupants of passenger vehicles are reported to be 68% of these truck fatalities.



Facts About Truck Accidents


Big Rig Accidents Are on The Rise


Because of the size and weight of these heavy haul and oversize hauling loads truck accidents are severe; resulting in whiplash, broken bones, internal bleeding, spinal cord damage; back, neck, and head trauma; needing immediate attention, multiple surgeries and high dollar amounts to provide for these medical and rehabilitation treatments. These injuries are reported to be up to 130,000 incidents.


The loss of life to male drivers accounts for 97% of the big rig driver fatalities. This is mainly because of the much lower number of female drivers at only 6% of the total drivers.  Driver fatigue and inexperience are the major contributors of these fatalities. For maximum control and safe heavy haul transport of these complicated vehicles drivers must be well-rested and very experienced.


Hazardous cargo is reported to contribute to 4% of these total fatalities. Because of these combustible liquids, explosives, flammable solids, radioactive materials, and oxidizing substances, there is a high likelihood of explosion and fire.


Since 2009 data shows over a fifty per cent rise in these multiple vehicle trucking accident deaths rising from 3100 to over 4100 per year.  Crashes with large, big rig trucks include another vehicle 75% of the time. Data show that accidents in work zones are usually caused by a truck driver’s negligence.


With the FMCSA’s monitoring and enforcement of Electronic Stability Control devices, they report saving 7,000 lives over a four-year study. This is enforced by only allowing drivers to be on the road for 14 hours a day with an 8-hour pause between shifts. Some of the most common issues that cause these accidents are new routes; mechanical defects, especially worn tires, defects in wheels and brakes, electronic systems, and steering wheels.


All in all, great strides in regulations, rigorous measures, penalties and other legal provisions are expected to at least start a slowing of these big rig accidents.