Do Heavy Haul Trucking Companies Near Me Require Pilot Vehicles?

Transporting any oversized item on roadways can be a challenging feat that requires plenty of preparation. In addition to requiring special permits, heavy haul trucking companies near me may need to use pilot vehicles when transporting heavy haul freight.  Let’s look at these pilot vehicles in more detail and how they are used.


Thirty six states require oversized vehicles to be accompanied by a pilot vehicle.

What is a Pilot Vehicle?


“Pilot vehicle” is a special term that refers to vehicles that accompany trucks or other vehicles transporting oversized loads on roadways.


In the United States vehicles that are over 13 feet in width must be accompanied by a pilot vehicle in front when operating on roadways. Vehicles that are over 14 feet 6 inches in height require high pole escort pilot vehicles.


Do Heavy Haul Trucking Companies Near Me Require Pilot Vehicles?


What Are the Requirements for a Pilot Vehicle?


Heavy haul trucking companies in the United States are generally aware of the various requirements for pilot vehicles in each state. However, these requirements can be less strict than in other states. Some states do not require pilot car drivers to possess a pilot escort certification.


There is also no requirement for vehicles to qualify as “pilot vehicles”. This means you can use any vehicle as long as it is accompanying the truck transporting the heavy haul freight safely.


Do Heavy Haul Trucking Companies near Me  Provide Pilot Vehicles?


You may be wondering if heavy haul trucking companies in the United States provide their own pilot vehicles during transportation. The answer is yes in most cases. These companies understand the importance of using pilot vehicles during each transportation job and work to provide the vehicles necessary.


Some individuals or businesses may prefer using their own vehicles as pilot vehicles. However, heavy haul trucking companies near me provide vehicles that are equipped with the right equipment to accompany your oversized item safely. In addition to this, they provide pilot vehicle drivers who are aware of different operating conditions. This includes:


Approved transportation times and restrictions.

The size of roads the truck will be passing through.

The oversized item’s dimension and weight.


Each of the conditions mentioned above affects the overall transportation process, so it is vital to use a driver who is up-to-speed with them.


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