Heavy Equipment Haulers Trucking Companies

The demand for heavy equipment haulers trucking companies has increased significantly over the past few years. They even end up sometimes having to delay shipments due to an abundance of orders. This often affects their performance and overall growth.


heavy equipment haulers trucking companies


In retrospect, it’s good for the flatbed industry to see more demand and get a chance to make better revenue. However, the question remains, why has it happened all of a sudden? Why, despite the decline of other freight areas, is the flatbed industry booming?


Importance of Flatbed Trucking Companies


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Flatbed Delivery Service Near Me Ensures Customer Satisfaction

A top priority for the flatbed delivery service near me ensures customer satisfaction because the competition has become fierce. The struggle to maintain customer relationships can go a long way. To master the art of getting this done, then there are a few tips and that can be followed. Here are some of the ways in which flatbed trucking companies ensure customer satisfaction to the max.


Flatbed Delivery Service Near Me


1.    Timely Deliveries


Nothing frustrates the customer more than having a late arrival of freight. This is not just an added loss for them, but also deteriorates the credibility and reliability of the service provider. Flatbed trucking companies make sure this mishap doesn’t occur by staying on track and being proactive. From monitoring the weather to staying active on traffic timings and construction sites, the efforts to ensure the freight arrives on time surely pays off.


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Flatbed Transportation Companies Near Me

Flatbed Transportation Companies Near Me provide different types of services. They transport oversized goods of different shapes and sizes. The companies can move heavy machinery, crates, lumber, steel, agricultural equipment, and other types of oversized products.


Flatbed Transportation Companies Near Me


Let’s look at the common services offered by flatbed trucking companies.


1. Heavy Building Materials


Flatbed shipping companies can transport heavy building materials. The heavy haulers can transport scaffolding, lumber, steel beams, and heavy concrete. The oversized goods transportation companies can transport pre-fabricated and finished goods of different shapes and sizes.


A flatbed truck is the most practical mode of transportation for building materials. Goods of unusual shapes and sizes can be loaded in the trucks. The heavy goods can be loaded in the truck using cranes or manually by employees. Materials can also be hung over the edge of the truck using trusses that are not possible with an enclosed truck.


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Flatbed Transportation Carriers Safety Tips

When it comes to safety protocols being followed by flatbed transportation carriers, there is no room for compromise. This applies to the freight on the flatbed truck along with the truck driver, and staff responsible for loading and unloading the cargo. And, the most reputable flatbed trucking companies make sure the safety protocols are executed in letter and spirit.


Flatbed Transportation Carriers Safety Tips


Some of the safety tips that flatbed trucking companies follow are as follows. They’re foolproof and sure to add to your professional and efficient business philosophy.


  • Always double-checking the freight before heading onto the road. Having a checklist given to the flatbed truck drivers and crew is an added safety feature many flatbed transportation carriers follow.


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Flatbed Shippers Minimize Accidents

Making sure that drivers remain safe on the road is important for Flatbed Shippers. Safe driving is important not just for the safety of goods but also for preventing fatalities.


flatbed shippers


Here are some of the ways flatbed trucking companies reduce the risk of accidents while transporting heavy goods and machinery.


1. Discourage Aggressive Diving among Drivers


Aggressive driving encourages drivers to avoid ignore traffic rules and potential hazards while driving. The driving habit increases the risks of a serious accident. To reduce the risk of accidents, drives should be discouraged from driving aggressively.


Defensive driving involves driving slowly while keeping a lookout for hazards that can result in an accident. Anticipating dangerous situations greatly reduces the risks of an accident. It allows drivers to be in control behind the wheels. The driving habit will also reduce the wear and tear on the engine. Flatbed Shippers that encourage safe and defensive driving habits are less likely to face costly repairs and payouts due to accidents.


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Flatbed Truck Carriers and Retailers continue to struggle with fragile supply chains

  • Produce volumes up 3%

  • Spot rates are 40 % higher than the last 5-year average

  • Transportation added 24,000 new jobs last month

flatbed truck carriers
New home construction framing


The pandemic has left most supply chains in disarray confronting flatbed truck carriers and retailers critically with higher demands for goods and executable transport shortages. The surging of online sales is causing congestion at the ports. The significant challenges that retailers face adding days and weeks delaying the supply chain and could even extend these inventory shortages through year-end.


The delays have added warehousing and transportation costs at alarming increases adding as much as 3 weeks to the supply chain and passing the increases as a hidden tax to the consumer caused by the current administration’s inability to offer a much-needed remedy.


The next current retail event is the back-to-school shopping spree. As parents prepare for this current school year and the changes in the new normal, spending will likely increase. Clothing, health, and personnel care goods are trending the lead in sales. The economy is reopening faster than anticipated and consumer spending is likely to be greater than seen in pre-pandemic levels.


These current economic indicators have carriers and brokers expecting high demand in the retail freight sector to the tune of over 4 trillion dollars. This resilient economy is expected to last through to year-end.


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Flatbed Equipment Hauler vs. Hot Shots, Think Twice!

When it is time to choose a flatbed equipment hauler, think twice before using a hotshot truck.


Hotshots are not equipped to handle heavier freight as seen below with this damaged hot shot trailer.


Flatbed Equipment Hauler


Flatbed Equipment Hauler


Now, not all flatbed hotshot trucks are bad, but many do not require the same standard rules and regulations that are required for large flatbed trucking companies.


Examples like no drug testing and no CDL’s (commercial driver’s license). Many hotshot carriers cannot meet the expectation you would expect because of weight and space limitations. Hotshot trucks are more commonly used by companies like Uship.com or Ebay.com for the customer who purchased a lawn tractor or table set.


When booking a flatbed equipment hauler be sure you ask what type of flatbed truck you are getting to avoid any overweight arguments because you did not provide the accurate weight. This can cost you thousands of dollars because the truck will need to be offloaded at the highway scale and reloaded by a crane. Sometimes it is just not worth it to try to save a buck.


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Heavy Haul Equipment Hauling Winter Transportation Tips

Winter is in full swing with snowstorms ravaging across many states in the US. The cold season presents a lot of challenges for transporting heavy goods. The unstable road conditions and extremely low temperatures can lead to a supply chain disaster for any heavy haul equipment hauling company.


Winter Transportation Tips for Heavy Haul Equipment Hauling


Downtimes due to delays in shipment of heavy machinery and equipment can result in huge losses for businesses. Preparation and forethought are important to avoid supply chain disruptions during the winter months.


Tip #1: Know Your Shipment


You should know about the shipment details including the weight and type of products. Transportation of certain chemicals requires special care when transporting from one location to another.  Moreover, electronic machinery requires specific care when transporting to avoid damage to sensitive parts.


For transporting goods that can get damaged due to frigid temperature, you should hire a heavy haul trucking company that can transport goods in enclosed trailers. The enclosed trailers can keep electronic machinery safe from the damaging effects of the winter. You can also add an additional layer of security by wrapping the electronic machinery in tarps or blankets to protect it from frigid temperatures.


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When Hiring Heavy Equipment Movers Avoid Unplanned Costs

Heavy Equipment Movers transportation is a complicated business. You need to make sure that the load meets the local, state, and federal transportation rules and regulations. Heavy haul trucking companies are required to follow the guidelines regarding the width, height, weight dimensions of the oversized load.


Heavy Equipment Movers


Not following the required legislation can end up being costly. It can result in fines and penalties that will drive up the cost of transportation. Here we have shared some tips that will prevent unplanned costs when transporting heavy goods in the United States.


1. Know about the Legislation


You need to know about the state legislation regarding oversized goods. Make sure that you know about the route requirements when hiring a heavy haul trucking company that will cross jurisdictions.


The standards generally vary by each locality and state. In addition, the requirements also vary by season and weather conditions. Some states require an escort while others have restrictions in transporting goods during the weekend. Getting up to date on the route requirements is critical to saving oversized load transportation.


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Chaining up the Truck by Trucking Companies Near Me

Here are some tips from experts at Trucking Companies Near Me to secure the truck when transporting goods across snowy terrain.


Trucking Companies Near Me


1. Prepare the Truck


Select a safe spot for loading goods where there is no traffic. The driver of any Oversize Shipping Companies will have to move the vehicle backward and forwards to move its way down the snow. In case the vehicle is stuck in the snow, the driver has to kick off the mud flaps and pull the vehicle out of the snow pile.


A snow shovel is used to clear the area a bit beside and ahead of the truck. Next, if the link is inspected to ensure that the hooks are facing away from the sidewall. The cams on the shingles must be outside when installing the chains on the roles.


The clamp should be flipped onto the tire from the upside-down position. The easiest way to do this is to lay the chain with the side of the traction up and then fold the inner side of the chain so that it is just a tire wide. The double-up chain is draped over the outside of the tire with the top chain over the inside.


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