Flatbed Freight Rates Are Increasing?

Flatbed freight rates are increasing exponentially. The rise in transport charges over the past few years can be witnessed across the country. From 2019 to 2021, within 2 years, the national flatbed contract rates increased from 2.5 dollars per mile to 3.3 dollars per mile.



From their increase in demand to the shortage of proper equipment; there are a lot of factors because flatbed freight rates are increasing across the country. Let’s discuss why flatbed rates are on a rise.


Increase in Demand


Flatbed companies and their trucks are required by multiple industries for the transportation of their raw materials, machinery, and equipment. Hence, their demand and rates also depend on the other industries. Currently, industries like the construction industry, petroleum industry, automobile industry, etc. are on a rise. And they require flatbed trucks for moving their shipment from one place to another – increasing the demand for flatbed companies, and in turn their overall rates.


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Flatbed Companies

Flatbed companies transporting oversized and heavy items are increasing daily in the US; hence, the demand for transportation and heavy haul companies is also on the rise. However, with their increase in workload, the challenges faced by flatbed and trucking companies are also increasing.


Flatbed Companies


Here are a list of 4 common challenges that transportation companies are facing across the country and what measures they can take to overcome them


1.     Timely Deliveries


When booking a transportation company to ship your cargo, your biggest demand is timely deliveries- but this can be tricky for trucking companies given the uncertainties attached to the job. Since their job involves shipping oversized and heavy items, flatbed heavy haul companies face delays for several reasons.


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Flat Bed Service Companies

Flat bed service companies play an indispensable role in carrying goods from one location to another. The companies help manufacturing firms in the transport of oversized machinery and goods from one location to another.


flat bed service


Various companies can benefit from contacting flatbed heavy haul companies. But how flatbed trucking companies near me can benefit my business? Let’s find out some of the benefits of hiring flatbed transportation companies.


Automobile Companies


If you own an automobile manufacturing or dealership you should contact flatbed companies near me. The services of the company will be useful in transporting large vehicles including trucks, vans, buses, and cars.


You can count on flatbed trucking companies near me to transport heavy vehicles from one city to another. Reliable heavy haul transport companies can also transport large vehicles from one state to another. Flatbed trucks can transport dozens of cars from the manufacturing plants to dealerships.


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Heavy Haul Transport

Heavy Haul Transport companies offer invaluable services to various types of companies. Aviation, Automobiles, Construction, and defense contractors benefit from the services of flatbed companies.


heavy haul


In this blog, you will learn about getting the best flatbed trucking quotes. You will learn about the tips to get the best price for the transport of your valuable oversized goods in the state.


How Flatbed Trucking Quotes are Determined?


Various factors determine the flatbed trucking quotes that you receive for the transport of your heavy goods.


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Flatbed Equipment Hauling Safety

Flatbed Equipment hauling of oversized and heavy items is tricky; therefore, it is considered a dangerous job. They are deemed risky to truck drivers and pose a hazard to road traffic and infrastructure. Safe measures are mandatory.


Equipment Hauling


If you are not aware of why flatbed oversized shipping is considered dangerous and what exactly the nature of their job is, let us tell you.


Transport of Hazardous Materials (HAZMAT)


Oversize transport vehicles are commonly used for HAZMAT materials. These include lethal chemicals, compressed gases, and flammable substances. Carrying such hazardous materials on the road is risky for truck drivers and those around them.


When equipment hauling improper securement of these materials can result in leakage. This is extremely risky because flammable substances can catch fire, while lethal chemicals can diffuse in the truck, leading to the driver’s intoxication.

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Flatbed Transportation Companies

Flatbed transportation companies offer a fleet of trailers with open beds and the structural integrity to haul oversized loads. They transport huge amounts of cargo every day across state lines in a safe and timely manner. This is why commercial companies prefer to outsource their oversized cargo transportation to flatbed companies.


flatbed transportation


With a large inventory of flatbeds ranging from lowboys to drop decks, the flatbed companies can accommodate the various needs of the transportation industry. This article highlights common commercial uses of flatbeds across several industries.


Uses of Flatbed Trailer Transport Companies


Flatbed trailers are ideal for oversized cargo, but not all kinds of oversized loads are ideal for flatbeds. Depending on the cargo weight and road safety, here are the most common commercial uses of flatbed trailer transport companies:


Transportation of Building Material


Construction and building materials are bulky and oversized most of the time. Things like lumbar, piping, concrete blocks, rebar, steel frames, and scaffolding must be transported safely to the construction site to avoid accidents.


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Heavy Hauling Transport Flatbed or Van

If you belong to the heavy hauling transport shipping business, you must know when it comes to freight transport there are many vehicles to choose from. Two of the most common ones are:



heavy hauling transport



Dry van truck

Heavy Haul Flatbed


While there are multiple reasons why these two trailers are most popular among heavy-load transport vehicles – there are many differences between the two.


If you are also confused about which one is the right choice for your business here we have a detailed discussion about the difference between a heavy haul flatbed vs. a dry van.


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Heavy Haul Flatbed Carriers Hiring Tips

For heavy haul flatbed carriers of heavy equipment and oversized items, hiring a flatbed shipping service is unavoidable. But many business owners do not understand how flatbed services work and end up employing unreliable and expensive trucking companies.


heavy haul flatbed carriers


Here are a few tips that can help you hire flatbed shipping companies that provide timely and safe transport.


Know Your Load


Before even looking for companies to employ for your cargo transport, it is essential to know about your freight. This means you need to be aware of all the details regarding your load, including its accurate size, correct dimensions, and weight.


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Flatbed Transportation Service Questions

If you are a new business owner in need of a flatbed transportation service to move large cargo from or to a location in the US or Canada for the first time, you must be looking for good reliable, flatbed trucking company. Moving large cargo and handling logistics is not an easy task, as you will hear from hardworking fleet managers, operators, manufacturers, and truck drivers. If anything goes wrong, the complete supply chain can get affected due to incorrect or late deliveries.


flatbed transportation service


There are various factors that affect the hauling process of flatbed trucks. Minor specifications about the cargo, quality of the travel road chosen, and weather conditions can influence the quality and release time of the end-product. This is why businesses should always opt for trustworthy and timely flatbed trucking services to avoid delays and mishaps.


Key Questions to Ask Flatbed Trucking Companies


If you are new to working with flatbed trucking companies, you may find the new influx of information from the industry a bit difficult to handle. When you begin working with a trucking company, you will learn about specific logistics terminologies and terms that will prove invaluable as you move forward.


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Hauling Heavy Equipment Demands

In the last few years, the hauling heavy equipment demands for flatbed shippers have skyrocketed, and let’s be honest; we know it is not coming down any sooner. Due to this reason, the companies manufacturing flatbeds are witnessing a delay in the production and shipment of these big transportation vehicles.


Hauling Heavy Equipment


This blog will discuss the trends and factors involved in increasing the demand for flatbed shipper companies. The reasons are as follows:


1.   Increased Demand for Imports


One of the most apparent factors that have increased the flatbed shipper’s demand is the imported consignments. Even after the pandemic crisis, it’s still in high demand.


Cold storage and refrigerated flatbeds are very high in demand. They are primarily used in ports to maintain the freshness and quality of some perishable imported items and other imported items such as medicines, chemicals, etc.

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