Flatbed Truck Carriers and Retailers continue to struggle with fragile supply chains

  • Produce volumes up 3%

  • Spot rates are 40 % higher than the last 5-year average

  • Transportation added 24,000 new jobs last month

flatbed truck carriers
New home construction framing


The pandemic has left most supply chains in disarray confronting flatbed truck carriers and retailers critically with higher demands for goods and executable transport shortages. The surging of online sales is causing congestion at the ports. The significant challenges that retailers face adding days and weeks delaying the supply chain and could even extend these inventory shortages through year-end.


The delays have added warehousing and transportation costs at alarming increases adding as much as 3 weeks to the supply chain and passing the increases as a hidden tax to the consumer caused by the current administration’s inability to offer a much-needed remedy.


The next current retail event is the back-to-school shopping spree. As parents prepare for this current school year and the changes in the new normal, spending will likely increase. Clothing, health, and personnel care goods are trending the lead in sales. The economy is reopening faster than anticipated and consumer spending is likely to be greater than seen in pre-pandemic levels.


These current economic indicators have carriers and brokers expecting high demand in the retail freight sector to the tune of over 4 trillion dollars. This resilient economy is expected to last through to year-end.


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Flatbed Equipment Hauler vs. Hot Shots, Think Twice!

When it is time to choose a flatbed equipment hauler, think twice before using a hotshot truck.


Hotshots are not equipped to handle heavier freight as seen below with this damaged hot shot trailer.


Flatbed Equipment Hauler


Flatbed Equipment Hauler


Now, not all flatbed hotshot trucks are bad, but many do not require the same standard rules and regulations that are required for large flatbed trucking companies.


Examples like no drug testing and no CDL’s (commercial driver’s license). Many hotshot carriers cannot meet the expectation you would expect because of weight and space limitations. Hotshot trucks are more commonly used by companies like Uship.com or Ebay.com for the customer who purchased a lawn tractor or table set.


When booking a flatbed equipment hauler be sure you ask what type of flatbed truck you are getting to avoid any overweight arguments because you did not provide the accurate weight. This can cost you thousands of dollars because the truck will need to be offloaded at the highway scale and reloaded by a crane. Sometimes it is just not worth it to try to save a buck.


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Heavy Haul Equipment Hauling Winter Transportation Tips

Winter is in full swing with snowstorms ravaging across many states in the US. The cold season presents a lot of challenges for transporting heavy goods. The unstable road conditions and extremely low temperatures can lead to a supply chain disaster for any heavy haul equipment hauling company.


Winter Transportation Tips for Heavy Haul Equipment Hauling


Downtimes due to delays in shipment of heavy machinery and equipment can result in huge losses for businesses. Preparation and forethought are important to avoid supply chain disruptions during the winter months.


Tip #1: Know Your Shipment


You should know about the shipment details including the weight and type of products. Transportation of certain chemicals requires special care when transporting from one location to another.  Moreover, electronic machinery requires specific care when transporting to avoid damage to sensitive parts.


For transporting goods that can get damaged due to frigid temperature, you should hire a heavy haul trucking company that can transport goods in enclosed trailers. The enclosed trailers can keep electronic machinery safe from the damaging effects of the winter. You can also add an additional layer of security by wrapping the electronic machinery in tarps or blankets to protect it from frigid temperatures.


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When Hiring Heavy Equipment Movers Avoid Unplanned Costs

Heavy Equipment Movers transportation is a complicated business. You need to make sure that the load meets the local, state, and federal transportation rules and regulations. Heavy haul trucking companies are required to follow the guidelines regarding the width, height, weight dimensions of the oversized load.


Heavy Equipment Movers


Not following the required legislation can end up being costly. It can result in fines and penalties that will drive up the cost of transportation. Here we have shared some tips that will prevent unplanned costs when transporting heavy goods in the United States.


1. Know about the Legislation


You need to know about the state legislation regarding oversized goods. Make sure that you know about the route requirements when hiring a heavy haul trucking company that will cross jurisdictions.


The standards generally vary by each locality and state. In addition, the requirements also vary by season and weather conditions. Some states require an escort while others have restrictions in transporting goods during the weekend. Getting up to date on the route requirements is critical to saving oversized load transportation.


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Chaining up the Truck by Trucking Companies Near Me

Here are some tips from experts at Trucking Companies Near Me to secure the truck when transporting goods across snowy terrain.


Trucking Companies Near Me


1. Prepare the Truck


Select a safe spot for loading goods where there is no traffic. The driver of any Oversize Shipping Companies will have to move the vehicle backward and forwards to move its way down the snow. In case the vehicle is stuck in the snow, the driver has to kick off the mud flaps and pull the vehicle out of the snow pile.


A snow shovel is used to clear the area a bit beside and ahead of the truck. Next, if the link is inspected to ensure that the hooks are facing away from the sidewall. The cams on the shingles must be outside when installing the chains on the roles.


The clamp should be flipped onto the tire from the upside-down position. The easiest way to do this is to lay the chain with the side of the traction up and then fold the inner side of the chain so that it is just a tire wide. The double-up chain is draped over the outside of the tire with the top chain over the inside.


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WSU-NIAR applauds efforts of organizations involved in second heavy haul B1-B transport

Heavy Haul Transporting



With the safe arrival of its second B-1B, the National Institute for Aviation Research (NIAR) at Wichita State University would like to recognize the organizations responsible for preparing, transporting and unloading B-1B 86-0101, the “Watchman,” on its final 165-mile journey from Tinker Air Force Base in Oklahoma City to NIAR’s Aircraft Structural Test and Evaluation Center in Park City, Kans.


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Why You Should Drive for Heavy Haul Trucking Companies near me.

Few occupations offer the unique thrill and experiences of driving for heavy haul trucking companies near me. Truck drivers choose this occupation for a wide variety of reasons. This includes:


Here are some reasons you should drive for heavy haul trucking companies near me

1.      Seeking a Career Change


It’s not uncommon for people to start driving for flatbed trucking companies in the United States when they are seeking to change their career. Many heavy haul truckers had careers in other fields before choosing to start anew in trucking.

The good news is that you do not need to possess a college degree to become a trucker. This occupation is open to anyone with a high school diploma who is also willing to undergo the necessary training and certification process.


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What Types of Trailers Do Heavy Haul Trucking Companies Near Me Use?

Anyone that has tried transporting an item that is too big for their vehicle will know how challenging it can be. However, such hurdles are the norm for Heavy Haul Trucking Companies Near Me. These companies transport oversized freight on roadways on a regular basis and utilize a wide variety of trailers to get the job done safely.




Let’s look at some of the most common types of trailers Heavy Haul Trucking Companies Near Me use.


1.      Flatbed Trailers


Flatbed trailers are the most common trailer type heavy haul trucking companies use. This trailer is flat and continuous and features no roof or walls. They are ideal for carrying a wide variety of items, such as bulk cargo or shipping containers.


Heavy Haulers frequently use flatbed trailers when transporting elongated items such as pipes or beams.



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3 Tips for Construction Companies for Choosing the Best Heavy Haul Trucking Companies Near Me

Hiring a company for the transportation of supersized loads is no easy task. You need to consider different factors to ensure that you hire the best heavy haul trucking company near me


3 Tips for Construction Companies for Choosing the Best Heavy Haul Trucking Companies Near Me


You need to hire a reliable heavy load transportation company for transporting heavy construction equipment. In this blog post, you will learn about some of the factors that should be considered when transporting super-sized goods from one location to another.


Factors to Consider for Transporting Construction Equipment


Transportation of heavy construction equipment and vehicles is challenging. You have to obtain the right permits and select heavy haul trucking companies with the right vehicles for the transportation of heavy equipment.


1. Safety Record


You should review the safety record of the heavy-haul trucking companies you are considering before hiring. Read online reviews to find out if the company has generally positive reviews about safe and timely transportation of the vehicles.


Make sure that the heavy haul trucking company near me has a track record of transporting supersized goods without any damage to the equipment and parts.


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Do Heavy Haul Trucking Companies Near Me Require Pilot Vehicles?

Transporting any oversized item on roadways can be a challenging feat that requires plenty of preparation. In addition to requiring special permits, heavy haul trucking companies near me may need to use pilot vehicles when transporting heavy haul freight.  Let’s look at these pilot vehicles in more detail and how they are used.


Thirty six states require oversized vehicles to be accompanied by a pilot vehicle.

What is a Pilot Vehicle?


“Pilot vehicle” is a special term that refers to vehicles that accompany trucks or other vehicles transporting oversized loads on roadways.


In the United States vehicles that are over 13 feet in width must be accompanied by a pilot vehicle in front when operating on roadways. Vehicles that are over 14 feet 6 inches in height require high pole escort pilot vehicles.


Do Heavy Haul Trucking Companies Near Me Require Pilot Vehicles?


What Are the Requirements for a Pilot Vehicle?


Heavy haul trucking companies in the United States are generally aware of the various requirements for pilot vehicles in each state. However, these requirements can be less strict than in other states. Some states do not require pilot car drivers to possess a pilot escort certification.


There is also no requirement for vehicles to qualify as “pilot vehicles”. This means you can use any vehicle as long as it is accompanying the truck transporting the heavy haul freight safely.


Do Heavy Haul Trucking Companies near Me  Provide Pilot Vehicles?


You may be wondering if heavy haul trucking companies in the United States provide their own pilot vehicles during transportation. The answer is yes in most cases. These companies understand the importance of using pilot vehicles during each transportation job and work to provide the vehicles necessary.


Some individuals or businesses may prefer using their own vehicles as pilot vehicles. However, heavy haul trucking companies near me provide vehicles that are equipped with the right equipment to accompany your oversized item safely. In addition to this, they provide pilot vehicle drivers who are aware of different operating conditions. This includes:


Approved transportation times and restrictions.

The size of roads the truck will be passing through.

The oversized item’s dimension and weight.


Each of the conditions mentioned above affects the overall transportation process, so it is vital to use a driver who is up-to-speed with them.


Why Choose Heavy Haul Transporting?


Individuals or businesses who wish to transport oversized cargo in a safe and efficient manner should get in touch with Heavy Haul Transporting. We have completed numerous oversized cargo shipments for our clients in the United States. You won’t find many other heavy haul trucking companies who match our service quality.


We also use legally compliant pilot vehicles along with qualified pilot vehicles for each order. Please get in touch with us to learn more about how we make the heavy haul transportation process quick and easy for you.