Heavy Haul Flatbed Carriers Hiring Tips

For heavy haul flatbed carriers of heavy equipment and oversized items, hiring a flatbed shipping service is unavoidable. But many business owners do not understand how flatbed services work and end up employing unreliable and expensive trucking companies.


heavy haul flatbed carriers


Here are a few tips that can help you hire flatbed shipping companies that provide timely and safe transport.


Know Your Load


Before even looking for companies to employ for your cargo transport, it is essential to know about your freight. This means you need to be aware of all the details regarding your load, including its accurate size, correct dimensions, and weight.


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Heavy Equipment Shipping of a Cold Planer

Cold planers are milling machines used for digging roadways. Heavy equipment shipping of machinery is not meant for fast travel over long distances. Hiring a heavy hauling and shipping company to use a trailer for safe and secure transportation of a cold planer is the ideal solution.


heavy equipment shipping

It’s not easy to haul and ship a cold planer for transport as loading becomes a challenge. The equipment has a strange design that is not ideal for smooth loading on a trailer. It has a conveyor with a body structure featuring a miller and a cabin.


Heavy equipment shipping requires detailed planning and a reliable heavy hauling and shipping service to deliver a cold planer promptly without any risks involved.


Loading a Cold Planer for Heavy Hauling


The ideal way to load cold planning machinery to avoid risks is to place it within the confines of the trailer bed. Most hauling companies prefer to keep the conveyer facing the front and the cabin towards the trailer’s rear end. This placement helps with the equal distribution of weight on the trailer.



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Flatbed Transportation Service Questions

If you are a new business owner in need of a flatbed transportation service to move large cargo from or to a location in the US or Canada for the first time, you must be looking for good reliable, flatbed trucking company. Moving large cargo and handling logistics is not an easy task, as you will hear from hardworking fleet managers, operators, manufacturers, and truck drivers. If anything goes wrong, the complete supply chain can get affected due to incorrect or late deliveries.


flatbed transportation service


There are various factors that affect the hauling process of flatbed trucks. Minor specifications about the cargo, quality of the travel road chosen, and weather conditions can influence the quality and release time of the end-product. This is why businesses should always opt for trustworthy and timely flatbed trucking services to avoid delays and mishaps.


Key Questions to Ask Flatbed Trucking Companies


If you are new to working with flatbed trucking companies, you may find the new influx of information from the industry a bit difficult to handle. When you begin working with a trucking company, you will learn about specific logistics terminologies and terms that will prove invaluable as you move forward.


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Lowboy Service Near Me The Benefits

The lowboy service near me is involved in the transportation of large products across vast distances. They are specially designed to carry large equipment and machinery. Businesses all over the US can hire the services of heavy haul transportation companies to transport all kinds of goods.


lowboy service near me


A flatbed heavy haul company can transport goods for different industries. In this blog, we will take a look at some of the products that can be transported by heavy haul transport companies.




Flatbed heavy haul transportation companies can transport airplane parts. The vehicles can also be used for transporting heavy machinery used in the maintenance of aircraft. Some of the equipment used in the aviation sector that can be transported by a lowboy service near me includes the following.


  • Aircraft tugs

  • Aircraft wings

  • Boarding stairs

  • Light tower

  • Testing equipment

  • Engines

  • Runaway sweepers

  • Water carts


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Heavy Vehicle Transport Carriers

A Heavy Vehicle Transport Carrier involves the transportation of oversized products. Large flatbed trailers can transport products that cannot be transported using standard trucks. They are generally up to 48-inch long and 8.5-inch wide.


Heavy vehicle transport


The large size and special design of the trailer allow them to transport heavy loads such as cranes, turbine blades, forklifts, and more. In this blog post, you will learn about the type of heavy products that can be transported by flatbed transportation carriers.


Building Machinery & Equipment


Heavy vehicle transport carriers can transport heavy machinery and equipment. The flatbed transport trucks can carry forklifts, cranes, bulldozers, and other machinery used in the construction of buildings.


Heavy Vehicle Transport Carriers


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Flatbed Hauling Companies Near Me Benefits

As time moves on and demands across logistics support increase for flatbed hauling companies near me, trucking services have had to up their game and provide seamless services through trucks optimized for heavy hauling. The construction, manufacturing, and import and export trades will profit from these trucks and the convenience they offer.


flatbed hauling companies near me



Flatbed trucking services are a significant moderator for businesses to maintain their reputation and relationship with their customers by ensuring timely production and deliveries. They are heavy vehicles and can carry a significant load and speed up the transportation of goods on both ends.


With that said, let’s go through some of the benefits businesses enjoy from flatbed hauling companies near me:

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Hauling Heavy Equipment Demands

In the last few years, the hauling heavy equipment demands for flatbed shippers have skyrocketed, and let’s be honest; we know it is not coming down any sooner. Due to this reason, the companies manufacturing flatbeds are witnessing a delay in the production and shipment of these big transportation vehicles.


Hauling Heavy Equipment


This blog will discuss the trends and factors involved in increasing the demand for flatbed shipper companies. The reasons are as follows:


1.   Increased Demand for Imports


One of the most apparent factors that have increased the flatbed shipper’s demand is the imported consignments. Even after the pandemic crisis, it’s still in high demand.


Cold storage and refrigerated flatbeds are very high in demand. They are primarily used in ports to maintain the freshness and quality of some perishable imported items and other imported items such as medicines, chemicals, etc.

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Trucking Heavy Hauling Rising Trends

Trucking heavy hauling has seen massive growth in demand during the last ten years. In some cases, the demand for these trucks is so high that trucking companies have to delay shipments or stop booking orders for some time, just to meet the backlog of delivery orders.


trucking heavy hauling



The rising trend of hiring flatbed truck carriers has come at a time when we have seen the demand for other modes of cargo delivery plateau or decline. This was certainly the case during the peak of Covid 19 when most railway deliveries were suspended or shut down. However, the demand for flatbed truck carriers remained high even at that time.


Let’s look at why the trend of using flatbed truck carriers for delivery is rising across the U.S.


Growth in Imports

The biggest reason for the growing trend of trucking heavy hauling is due to a higher demand for imported products. The U.S. has largely become a services-oriented country. We do not produce most of our products and they are imported from abroad.


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Heavy Haulers Near Me Rates

Most industries that rely on heavy haulers near me for their supply chain and logistics are currently facing a variety of delivery challenges. Their problems are mostly a result of overwhelming demand, rising flatbed trucking rates, and tight capacity. Other challenges are caused due to shortages in materials, products, labor, and drivers.


heavy haulers near me

Construction and manufacturing businesses, in particular, are facing more difficulty due to high flatbed demand and rising flatbed trucking rates.


These industries have had to deal with capacity issues throughout the last two years of Covid as they have experienced high consumer demand. As the demand continues to rise, the need for deliveries has increased, leading to a surge in prices for flatbed trucking carriers. Let’s take a deeper look at how flatbed trucking rates are rising in the industry.


Flatbed Demand Compared to Vans and Reefers


Hiring heavy haulers near me with a reliable delivery operation is becoming increasingly difficult. Within the trucking sector, flatbed carriers’ capacity seems the most challenged.



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Wide Load Trucking Companies Factors

Hiring wide load trucking companies is not just about picking up the phone and asking for a delivery quote. There are several important factors that must be considered to fully understand what goes into flatbed quotes.


wide load trucking companies


Let’s consider some of the important factors that affect the trucking industry.


Loading and Unloading Is Not Included in Quoted Price


This may seem obvious, but many new businesses do not know that loading and unloading are not included in the quoted price. You should always ask the trucking company how your materials will be placed onto the flatbed, and how they will be unloaded after it gets to the destination.


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