Heavy Haul Transporting Inc.’s Specialized Transport Division has heavy and oversized transportation equipment for all your transportation needs. As one of the nation’s leading heavy haulers, our company is the best choice.


A heavy haul company like Heavy Haul Transporting can give you the peace of mind you’re looking for when choosing from all the heavy haul transportation companies available. You can be assured that we have already made the most complicated of heavy haul trucking moves in the country.


When using a heavy hauler such as ourselves, there is a variety of equipment we have at our disposal to best suit your needs. These configurations may consist of multiple trailers, and these trailers may be allowed to be pulled by several tractors. Many of these types of loads can be more than five hundred tons. Heavy Haul Shipping is about the facts and planning the logistics of the move accordingly. Out of all the types of carriers in the transportation industry, heavy haulers are the most niche industry with the smallest supply available and therefore they are the most sought out types of movers to make these complex moves in a timely manner.


Sometimes obstacles may need to be removed if it obstructs the path of transit. These obstacles include power lines, signage, etc. The aerospace industry and pre-fabricated construction industries are examples of these complicated moves.


The following equipment is available to meet every transportation logistics need; flatbed, step decks, expandable goosenecks, extendable trailers, dual-lane configurations, cranes, and more.


Our specialized team of experts for heavy hauling transportation consistently ranks as among the very best in the nation. Our team and network is the pinnacle when it comes to heavy haul shipping companies because of our experience. We are ready to move your oversized shipping transport by putting the experience we have gained to use.


Heavy Haul Transporting is known as a national heavy equipment transport company that provides transportation services for shipping heavy haul loads in the United States and Canada. Our company is also one of the most reliable heavy haul trucking companies that offer moves from coast to coast. Our reputation sets us apart as being one of the most experienced heavy haul freight shipping companies that you can depend on. If you’re looking for a heavy haul trucking company that complies with federal and local transportation standards as well as your company’s expectations, then contact us for a free heavy equipment transport quote or you can simply fill out the handy online quote form on our website.


Heavy Haul Transporting Inc. specializes in handling your oversized freight needs. We have invested our time and resources into building a network of heavy and oversized carriers that will accommodate your needs when managing your logistics needs no matter the size or scale of the cargo.


When your ship an over-dimensional or overweight load that exceeds the legal standards, a great deal of planning and details must be considered. Details such as the weight and axle limits, weather conditions, dismantling and reconstructing obstructions, permits, escorts, road survey routes, and more. State and Federal regulations vary so there is more to account for when considering transporting this kind of freight as opposed to a standard legal load on a regular trailer. Planning is key so let our experts help guide you through the process.


Our professional staff of heavy haul transportation specialists can handle the transportation needs of a wide array of markets including industries such as nuclear, aerospace, oil, clean energy, construction, and more. Oversized transporting can be daunting on your own, allowing an experienced and reputable Heavy Haul Transportation company like ours helps. Our company is one of the premier heavy haul and oversize shipping companies that you can use to manage your oversize shipping logistics from Point A to Point B.


Oversized loads shipping can only be moved best by a company that has experienced all facets of handling oversized shipping. Oversized transportation companies with experience and positive feedback from customers such as Heavy Haul Transporting are best suited to your needs. We have customer testimonials to reinforce our reputation as the premier oversized shipping company.


We are ready, willing, and able to move your oversized shipping, using our years of experience and a vast network of professional transportation specialists. Oversized shipping does not have to be complicated if you allow a company like Heavy Haul Transporting Inc. to help.