Over Dimensional Freight Services

Our specialty as a supplier of over-dimensional freight services to the aerospace industry and their high valued assets does not limit us in the ability to move a wide variety of cargo and to offer over-dimensional freight quotes and transport these loads as needed across all industries.


Heavy haul is the current buzzword across the industry, however, there is a clear distinction between heavy haul and over-dimensional shipping services. Heavy haul trailers are comprised of axle configurations supporting cargo that could easily go over one hundred thousand pounds. These loads are moved with either using a fully customized trailer or by adding jeeps and boosters to a trailer as needed to support the weight.


Engineering a heavy haul load transport requires no more than seventeen thousand pounds per axle. Permits can be obtained to increase this limit to twenty thousand pounds.


Over Dimensional Freight Services



When referring to and supplying an over-dimensional freight rate these loads exceed one or more of the standard legal-size dimensions for any state that the transport is passing through. Usual guidelines are fifty-three feet long, eight and a half feet wide by thirteen and a half feet tall east of the Mississippi River. Western states and Canada allow fourteen feet.


Heavy Haul Transporting’s specialized oversize division can handle any of your oversized freight specialty needs. In previous years, we have invested strongly in heavy haul & flatbed trailers and tractors to satisfy the requirements of our customers for any sort of oversized freight transportation.


If you would like to ship an oversized or overweight flatbed load that exceeds standard legal limits, many details must be considered. When thinking about shipping, an oversized or overweight flatbed load much research and planning needs to be accomplished; weight and axle limits, weather conditions, dismantling and reconstructing obstructions, permits, escorts, etc. State and Federal regulations can vary from state to state so there is more to it than turn the key and roll. Planning is vital, so let our experts guide you through the methods.


Our professional staff can handle the transportation needs of the many diverse markets including, nuclear, aerospace, oil, clean energy, and many more. Oversize flatbed hauling can be daunting if not handled by experienced and reputable Oversize Shipping Companies like Heavy Haul Transporting. HHT is one of the premier oversized flatbed shipping companies that you can use to direct your oversized shipping logistics from Point A to Point B.


The cargo of over-dimensional freight services can only be moved best from a corporation that has experienced all facets of the oversized shipping services available today. These companies can easily be verified to show efficient experience.


Ask our clients what they think. We can provide you with recommendations that feature many of our satisfied flatbed heavy haul shipping clients.


Our Specialized Transport Division consistently ranks with the highest over-dimensional shipping services and specialized carriers within the nation and is prepared to maneuver your oversized shipping using our years of engineering and logistical experience coupled with a proven network of professional transportation specialists. Over Dimensional Shipping doesn’t need to be complicated if handled by experienced professionals.


Heavy Haul Transporting considers itself as a high valued over-dimensional freight services company as opposed to a strictly heavy haul trucking company. We regularly ship cargo that is extremely over wide, over tall, and overlong. In many cases, these oversized loads are overweight as well. Over dimensional shipping services at Heavy Haul Transporting moves cargo that exceeds any of these oversize and overweight definitions adhering to all permitting regulations. A new category labeled Super Status refers to cargo that exceeds sixteen feet in height.


A pilot car is dispatched to do a preliminary run well before the actual load is moved to confirm that all portions of the planned route are passable. Some states such as Florida, because of its lower infrastructure clearances; define these Super Status loads to anything over fifteen feet.  All over-dimensional freight services as regulated must demand that all state regulations in the route are carefully studied to make sure the permitting and the highly experienced and strictly required driving and pilot teams are used.


Detailed route surveys take into consideration all foreseen obstacles for any of these oversized shipments. Disruption of traffic flow state by state will determine if you can move at night or over the weekend. Peak rush hours and city limits define whether movements happen during the daylight hours or after hours.