Heavy Haul Shipping

Origin to Destination Lanes For Heavy Haul Shipping


Mileage will determine the total cost of the heavy haul freight rates. This is reflective of the ongoing volumes for that state to state lane. In a state like Florida, there are more loads that can be shipped in at a higher cost than out at much lower costs. Heavy haul trucking companies use a state to state rate matrix to establish a base rate.


Trailer Equipment Types


Another factor that weighs heavily on the Heavy Haul Freight Rates is the type of trailer needed. A van, flatbed, step deck, double drop, or the many specialized trailers used for all the customized heavy transport types of loads moved in the aeronautics or energy industries will be added to the base rate.


Commodity Dimensions Size and Weight


Height can determine the trailer type, but the largest factor in determining Heavy Haul Freight Rates is the weight. More fuel is needed to move the weight. Oversize and overweight heavy haul trucking companies add in these additional costs to the base rate.


Related Weather Conditions at Certain Times of the Year


Monthly, weekly, daily, and even quarterly times can influence the heavy transport markets price fluctuations. The first quarter rates tend to drop as the year begins slowly and then on to the fourth quarter that tends to be terribly busy driving rates up. Each month’s end becomes a manufacturers rush to ship quotas on-time closing out that month’s Heavy Haul Trucking Services.


Heavy Haul Trucking Company Surcharges for Fuel – FSC


With the constant fluctuations in fuel prices a fuel surcharge was mandatory to add to the Heavy Haul Freight rate calculations. Carriers were forced to scramble as price increases eroded their bottom-line net profits at times daily. The cost of fuel is at times changed on a weekly basis to a given freight rate.


Permits and Escorts for Oversize & Overweight Transports


State by state regulations require permits so when adding costs for each state and determining time constraints for each unique state in the transport lane it can become quite consuming and costly to the total freight rate.


Loads can be oversized and heavier in many ways. Heavy Haul Transporting serves many needs moving many types of freight. These types of loads require shippers to use use a certified carrier. The experience and professionalism behind our staff at Heavy Haul Transporting make us your best option for handling your shipping needs.


Whether we are picking up or delivering your load, our ability to schedule timely pickups and deliveries ensures no one is held up on either end. We offer all the protection and security needed to ensure that your order will arrive as anticipated. Heavy Haul Transporting has access to all trailer types. We accommodate different transportation needs, situations, and industries. HHT operates through out the United States and Canada on a (FTL) basis.


Heavy Haul Transporting solves the complicated logistics of transporting your cargo. Oversized freight can be allowed to overhang in transit with the proper permits. These types of permits for each state in the shipping lane are obtainable. Our knowledge of the rules on the road enable us to move your freight the most efficiently and legally.


RGN (Removable Gooseneck, Lowboy)


Oversized loads are often transported with an RGN. They come in many different configurations. RGN’s accommodate the weight and size of larger loads. Allowing the front of the trailer to become a ramp as the neck of this trailer is detachable. This is merely one of the many types of different equipment heavy haul transporting offers when moving your freight.


Drop Deck

A Step Deck trailer can carry freight up to 10’2” high and are ideal for moving equipment that is over height. Ramps are a handy loading feature with these trailers.


Stretch Trailer

Stretch trailers have all the useful advantages of a flatbed trailer. They can accommodate the uncommon freight. These flatbed trailers can transport extra-long loads.


Double Drop Trailer

These trailers handle nonstandard shaped loads like satellite dishes. The Double Drop trailer has an upper deck in the front and a lower deck in the rear known as the well. They can carry freight up to eleven feet six inches, making it a great option for carrying over-height loads.


Platform Trailers

Platform trailers are suited for heavy hauling and specialized equipment. These platforms are lightweight, greater steering angles, and a low loading platform height to assure easy maneuverability with the highest possible payload. There are different types of equipment within the platform trailers subgroup. We have dual lane trailers that are designed to allow a load to be acceptable when traversing across highways and bridge-load limits. Dual Lane Trailers are best when moving heavy loads over public roads. We have hydraulic platform trailers as well which offer strength and flexibility when moving your commodities. The design of this trailer allows it to specialize in providing a high degree of stability and load-bearing capacity, combined with lightweight construction.


Examples of the kind of freight we move include but are not limited to:


  1. Auto Parts
  2. Backhoes
  3. Beverages
  4. Building Materials
  5. CNC Machines
  6. Construction Equip.
  7. Conveyors
  8. Coolers
  9. Cranes
  10. Crushers
  11. Dump Trucks
  12. Lumber
  13. Mining Equipment
  14. Pipeline Construction
  15. Raw Materials
  16. Refinery Equipment
  17. Excavators
  18. Fabricated Steel
  19. Firetrucks
  20. Forklifts
  21. Generators
  22. Scaffolding
  23. Skid Steers
  24. Solar Panels
  25. Steel
  26. Tank Farm Equip.
  27. Tile
  28. Towers
  29. Tractors
  30. Transformers
  31. Tubing
  32. Wind Blades


Heavy Haul Transporting and its network of Heavy Haul Carriers make us one of the most qualified Heavy Haul Transportation companies in the US. Chances are our team has transported freight just like yours before that has given us the experience and know-how to move it. We are the stress-free, safe handling option, that offers competitive rates. We have all equipment types and sizes available with our network of over 30,000 trucks. Conestoga covers, different tarping, heavy-duty straps, chains and coil racks help to move your oversized or heavy freight effectively.


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