13 Axle Step deck – Heavy Haul Transporters

The standard flatbed and step deck flatbed trailers are the most common trailers used today to ship all sizes and weights of cargo. In the shipping sector, they are the most adaptable to move heavy haul and oversize shipping loads. When these trailers are protected, loaded, and secured properly there are almost no limits to the cargo that can be transported. Because of the many configurations in these types of trailers the flatbed is the shipping tool of choice to move heavy transport and oversize shipping. There are many regulations in place that monitor the safety of moving these customized loads.


13 Axle Step deck - Heavy Haul Transporting
13 Axle Step deck


Any loads over a standard size would require special permitting and certain regulations such as routes and times of day to travel. A usual load that would not require permitting are less than forty-eight feet long and less than eight and a half feet wide and no more than eight and a half feet tall. This standard size allows for four hundred square feet of cargo floor space. Because a usual trailer is five feet above the road surface standard clearances are just under thirteen and a half feet. When coming up with over-dimensional freight quotes these dimensions must be documented for the appropriated pricing.



13 Axle Step deck – Heavy Haul Transporters


Construction equipment, military equipment, aeronautics, wind turbines, farm equipment, industrial machinery regular and over-dimensional, flexible plumbing, logs, lumber, building supplies, bulldozers, backhoes, roll presses, over-dimensional steel pipes, rolls of wire, concrete culverts, pre-fabricated building, and other large vehicles are some of the types of heavy haul shipping loads moved on these flatbed trailers.



13 axle step deck heavy haul transporting.
13 axle step deck heavy haul transporting


When using these step decks and staying within their dimensional restraints in most cases permits will not be needed. There are two decks used for securing loads on a step-deck. There is a short over the fifth wheel deck that is about thirteen feet long and can haul standard freight, but the longer stepped down deck can handle usually forty feet in length of cargo and ten feet of height because the ground clearance is so much lower.


Because heavy haul freight frequently exceeds these dimensions these types of trailers are the trailer that is most used by heavy haul trucking companies. When these dimensions are oversized or overweight the appropriate permits, signage and escort pilot vehicles must be used. The most crucial part of these trailers are the axles.


The number of axles is related directly to the weight distribution and net weight that a trailer can move. Thirty-four thousand pounds per pair of axles is the standard weight tolerance. These axles on a given trailer can be slid back and forth to adjust for the appropriate weight distribution. Any load that exceeds eighty thousand net pounds is considered heavy haul transportation.


For super loads, the use of a 13-axle step deck is a very versatile trailer specially designed to be used for these types of cargo. Any loads over sixteen feet wide, sixteen feet tall, and over one hundred- and sixty-feet long fall into this category. These super loads require special permitting, routes, and escort vehicles as well as travel times. To make sure the logistics are full proof more time and planning are needed for these super heavy hauls and oversize hauling loads.


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